Br’er Skunk gives me a break, and more

By Max R. Weller

Mephitis mephitis

As I was leaving my campsite this morning, following the path I always use, I almost stumbled over the young skunk which has been a visitor before. I was distracted by thoughts of what I would post here today, not paying attention where I was going. Luckily, I did NOT get sprayed, although the critter was in its ALERT posture. We simply stepped off the path, backing away from each other, then went on our separate ways. A skunk’s eyesight is very poor, but perhaps it recognized my scent (Ivory bar soap) and wasn’t excessively alarmed at my carelessness.


The hobo said, “Thank you, ma’am!” And he went on down the road to Boulder, CO

Continuing with online comments from this Daily Camera article yesterday:

> randomdancer: Aren’t you the guy who panhandles at Broadway and 36 all day?
Can you please explain how THAT helps anybody? 

Apparently, “randomdancer” is one of the do-gooders who thinks that giving financial support to Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is better than using one’s own judgment to help a humble beggar directly.

> homelessphilosopher: I’m delighted you asked the question. See this blog post from 2011:…

In fact, I spend only about an hour there each day. My neighbors from Dakota Ridge and business owners/workers from the commercial district in the 4900 block of N. Broadway frequently donate to my cause as I’m reading in a shady spot in front of the Mexican restaurant.

Bottom line: I receive zero government benefits and have never been ticketed/arrested for any offense during my 6 1/2 years living here in Boulder, CO.

If every other homeless single adult followed my example, there wouldn’t be any problems at all. Of course, the army of people employed by the social services industry would be out of work — but nothing is perfect.

Have a good day! 

> ThatWouldBeJack: Step One: Boulder starts having the police enforce the laws already on the books.
Step Two: (and this is probably the more important one) People stop giving money to people on the street.

I am all for the the city’s funding of the Homeless Shelter and all other services to homeless people, whether they be those who have lost their jobs or those, like Max (the “homeless philosopher”), who *choose* to be homeless and sponge off the rest of us. Publicly funded services provide anyone who needs it shelter in the colder months and food throughout the year. That’s what they need to survive and I’m happy to contribute to that both through my tax dollars and private donations. Donations to the agencies… through whose work people who want to can hope to better their lives to get back on their feet is a noble and good cause. Many of Boulder’s homeless population are like that: you don’t see them, but they’re fighting to survive and seeking to improve their lives. Those people you *do* see, the face of the homeless, are those you see along the creek, at the library and on street corners asking for your money to keep them in their lifestyle.

Boulder has always been a Mecca for the homeless who only want to sponge off society. Those of you who have been here know that this was a problem *way* before Boulder even had a homeless shelter or services targeted to the homeless population. The Shelter has not brought more homeless people, nor have the various services that the city provides. What keeps the transients here — those who hang out near and at the library, those in central park and along the creek — are the donations they receive on the street corners and intersections.

I’ll repeat that: What keeps the transients here — those who hang out near and at the library, those in central park and along the creek — are the donations they receive on the street corners and intersections.

Don’t give panhandlers money. It’s really that simple. 

“ThatWouldBeJack” is another befuddled Boulderite enthralled by the local nonprofits; this is how those corrupt organizations keep raking in millions of $$$ every year.

> homelessphilosopher: Pretty easy for you to hide behind an anonymous screen name and criticize your fellow citizens who actually think for themselves, in deciding what to do about the homeless people they see.

Let me ask you — if the current model for the homeless shelter/services industry is working, why isn’t homelessness going away?

BTW, I don’t hang out at any of the public venues with the worst-behaved transients.


On the lighter side, watch this YouTube video of the Flat Earth Discussion Group.

Boulder County Froot Loop

Tonight at my campsite: King Soopers frozen (fully cooked) bacon cheeseburgers, thawed out in the blazing hot sun in my north Boulder neighborhood.


One thought on “Br’er Skunk gives me a break, and more

  1. katrina hanssen

    You’ll be interested to hear that in the Lower Chautauqua area an email went out to neighbors (210 total recipients) about car break-ins and bicycle theft. Someone voiced concern about the increase in homeless in the neighborhood – from zero to a lot (15th south of Baseline). A chorus of protest emails rang out accusing the writer of the email of being insensitive to the homeless! When the writer pointed out that in fact the bicycle theft was done by a 20 year old homeless man who was caught by police, people still objected to ANYTHING being said against the homeless and someone actually recommended a book for children so that they can be more sensitive to the plight of homeless. It struck me in that moment that Boulder may be populated with some very smart scientists but when it comes to street smarts and the ability to “see” what’s going on in the real world … they aren’t too bright! They want to strap their “liberal” banner on and judge anyone who isn’t in accord, but at the same time they want to accuse and judge anyone who doesn’t agree with their fixed opinion. Anyway, I thought you’d get a laugh out of this. I enjoy your blog tremendously and your sensible humorous outlook.


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