Boulder City Council gives me a raise, and more

By Max R. Weller

Last night, after Lisa M. surreptitiously delivered a brown paper bag stuffed with cash to my campsite, I counted it and found an extra $50. I guess they really do appreciate what I’m blogging about the transients from Denver and elsewhere.

Read Boulder coroner: Homeless man found dead in alley overdosed on heroin in the Daily Camera. Quoting from the article:

The homeless man found dead in an alley just off the Pearl Street Mall in June died of a drug overdose, according to a release issued today by the Boulder County Coroner’s Office.

Coroner Emma Hall determined that Daniel Kitlitz, 27, of Boulder, died from “heroin intoxication,” and ruled his manner of death an accident.

Selected online comments are copied below:

If you want to make a cash donation to help the needy, give it to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, the Bridge House, the ARC, or any organization you like. They may not be perfect, but they WON’T spend your money on drugs and alcohol. 

homelessphilosopher: The nonprofits in Boulder, CO’s homeless shelter/services industry spend your donated money providing all of life’s necessities to alcoholics/drug addicts, thus ENABLING those homeless people to turn around and spend their own disposable income on booze and dope (including monthly disability benefits from both the state and the feds).

Can you please explain how this helps anybody? 

Wake up, people! Your desire to DO GOOD and to FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF by giving to so-called charities  is killing the homeless alcoholics/drug addicts in our fair city. Try to be more discerning, please.

Also see Sheriff: Crowding ‘crisis’ at Boulder County Jail soon will necessitate early releases in the DC. Quoting the report:

With overcrowding at the Boulder County Jail reaching a “crisis” level, Sheriff Joe Pelle says he plans to move forward with early releases for some nonviolent inmates, including some Boulder municipal offenders.

The announcement came a day after the Boulder City Council’s rejection Tuesday night of an agreement in which the city would pay to house municipal inmates in other jurisdictions when overcrowding necessitates it. The agreement also would greenlight the early-release approach.

Boulder leaders balked at the notion of paying the county to house inmates arrested on city charges. But Pelle said he knows of no other county in Colorado that jails municipal offenders at no cost to the city.

“Right now, we’re in a crisis with crowding,” Pelle said, noting the 536-person-capacity jail had 520 inmates Wednesday morning.

“It’s a politically difficult situation in that I understand the city is dealing with some real issues with regards to the downtown campus and the (University Hill) and the transient population, and I’m sympathetic to that,” Pelle said. “But somehow I have to be able to manage this crisis in overcrowding we’re having, and I thought this was a good proposal.”

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle (Camera file photo)

My online comment below:

homelessphilosopher: Certainly, the City of Boulder should pay for transients’ bus tickets out of town, and Sheriff Pelle can hand ’em out.

“We love Boulder’s free stuff!”

From Forbes comes this analysis of [WhodunitCare] costs for individually-purchased health insurance: 3,137-County Analysis: Obamacare Increased 2014 Individual-Market Premiums By Average Of 49%. It’s like I’ve said all along, [WhodunitCare] is an unholy alliance of government bureaucrats lusting for more power and private insurers lusting for more profits; what’s best for physicians and patients doesn’t enter into the picture, not at all.

The blues always makes you feel better. Listen to The Sky Is Crying, covered here by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Tonight at my campsite: chopped ham on wheat bread with kosher dill slices and mustard.


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