Do you have a complaint about this blog? And more

By Max R. Weller

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I heard a complaint from a couple of self-styled Travelers, man and woman (I don’t know their names), as I was waiting outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning. I’ve seen them other mornings walking past BSH southbound along N. Broadway, and they’re frequently in profane, screaming arguments with each other. They both decided to come inside on this occasion, so they were waiting in line with the rest of us for the door to open at 6AM.

I don’t mind criticism, if it’s at least specific and stated in a coherent manner. In this case, I couldn’t make heads or tails of which particular post had pissed this couple off, but they demanded that I take down my blog today OR (according to the man) they’d “bring a bunch of people up here and send you to prison.” WTF? Sounds like the Denver King, who has threatened to have Boulder PD arrest me for slander (a civil matter, of course). This man said that I knew his cousin (I don’t believe I do, and he didn’t give me a name) and I’d apparently posted something derogatory about this relative. The truth is what it is — and what I’m posting right now is an accurate account of what took place outside BSH this very morning. At one point, this man got right in my face with more of his bluster I didn’t understand. I maintained eye contact, said nothing in response except that no part of my blog would be taken down (and that in a quiet voice), and he backed off, telling me that people on the streets “love” me. Huh?

Meanwhile, the woman got into a screaming match with a young homeless guy who was in the line. She told him, shouting at the top of her lungs, “You have a tiny dick!” The two almost came to blows, before a BSH staff member came to the door and told them that they’d have to calm down before they could come inside for showers, breakfast, locker access, etc.

Both the man and woman claimed to help lots of other homeless people here in Boulder; they cited one man they helped until he died on the streets. That, I can believe.

They can get their own blog — but they will NEVER have any sway whatsoever over anything I choose to publish here.

I’ve been expecting this for a while now — an overt attempt to silence the Homeless Philosopher — but they’ll have to kill me to make that happen.

Peace and Love prevails in Boulder, CO and the Travelers along with transients in general are its ambassadors. Yeah, right . . .

See: Homeless Boulder man faces 1st-degree assault charges after alleged skateboard attack in the Daily Camera. The article is copied below in its entirety:

A homeless Boulder man faces first-degree assault charges after allegedly striking another man in the face with a skateboard, then fleeing on the board and leading police on a roughly two-mile chase.

According to an arrest report, the incident began when Steven McMillian, 34, a homeless resident of Boulder since 2009, got into a brawl Saturday evening near Boulder High School with Donn Overly, 19, and James Caleb Dacy, 20.

Overly and Dacy told police that McMillian was the primary aggressor in a group of transients who had been harassing them, yelling out, “You socialist Nazis! Get the (expletive) out of Boulder.”

Dacy maintains he and Overly were being pushed and punched by the group and attempted to flee east on the path behind Boulder Creek. The transients allegedly circled them and began “chanting and whooping,” according to the arrest report. At that point, police say, McMillian used his skateboard to strike Overly’s face.

Overly was transported to Boulder Community Health with what was described as serious bodily injury, including severe facial lacerations.

A “shirtless and sweaty” McMillian, meanwhile, fled on his skateboard and was finally arrested near the Bear Creek apartments adjacent to the University of Colorado housing area at Williams Village. Officers used a Taser on McMillian during the arrest, which they said was necessary after the suspect repeatedly resisted arrest by flailing his arms and legs and attempting to pull away.

According to the arrest report, McMillian told officers, “I’ve had a rib cracked before by being taken down by the police. That’s why I didn’t want to go down for you.”

McMillian now faces assault charges in the first and second degree, as well as counts of felony menacing and obstructing a peace officer.

Here’s a photo with caption from a DC story back in 2011:

Steven McMillian, an employee with Western Disposal, slips and struggles while moving a Dumpster in the snow in Boulder on Tuesday morning.

Steven McMillian, an employee with Western Disposal, slips and struggles while moving a Dumpster in the snow in Boulder on Tuesday morning. (MARTY CAIVANO)

Finally: ‘Love thy neighbor’: homeless shelter residents ‘adopt’ nearby neighborhoods. This is happening in Oklahoma, NOT here in Boulder, CO.

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