Dallas transient at Boulder Shelter, and more

By Max R. Weller

Posted by me to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Facebook Wall:

It’s time to put an end to the noise, strife, confusion, and disrespect from one homeless man who visits BSH in the mornings. He claims to be from Dallas, TX and has been here in Boulder the past month or so. Several times, BSH staff has had to tell him to turn off his loud music in both the men’s shower area and in the day room. This morning, he got into a loud verbal altercation with another homeless man from whom Dallas Transient (DT) had borrowed $20; the other man had quietly asked when he could expect the loan to be repaid, and DT became angry — following the lender from the men’s dorm into the day room and then into the dining room, making threatening remarks the entire time. What I observed from the two BSH staff members who intervened was a halfhearted and ineffective response to DT’s bad behavior; he apparently was given no “consequence” and I can promise you he will continue with his disruptive conduct. The rest of us who try to behave decently at BSH shouldn’t be subjected to this individual’s presence any longer — and you should also know that I overheard him threatening violence to staff members outside the facility as we were waiting for the SKIP bus.

BTW, Dallas Transient is a black male about 6′ tall and weighing close to 350 pounds. The Hispanic guy he was trying to intimidate is less than half DT’s size. I’ve listened to this blimp, DT, enough to know that he’ll play the race card in order to avoid any accountability for his actions, but BSH staff needs to show some gumption and toss him out for at least 30 days.

Of interest to those who sleep outside, like the Homeless Philosopher: Rabid raccoon, fox found in Boulder County in the Daily Camera. I frequently have wild critters visiting my campsite, but I don’t attempt to turn them into pets. Thus, my chances of suffering an animal bite are slim to none. I do enjoy watching the bats swooping low over my spot right around dusk, because they’re feeding on the mosquitoes hovering there; these Colorado skeeters are weaklings compared to those back in Missouri, anyway.

It’s time for Boulder’s ordinary, law-abiding citizens to band together and take back all of the public venues currently inhabited by the worst-behaved transients from Denver and elsewhere. These would include, but are not limited to, Pearl Street Mall, Central Park/Boulder Creek Path, and University Hill. I can see it now, the best time to strike being after midnight:

Boulderites coming together for a worthy cause: running the bums out of town!

Maybe someday, I’ll find a place where I can build my own “tiny house” from discarded materials and live in a more secure manner than I’m doing now. This link shows what I have in mind for myself — the very minimum in shelter, not the overpriced versions which yuppies are building at the cost of tens-of-thousands of dollars.

Tonight at my campsite: road kill du jour smothered in ketchup.


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