Max’s Journal 7/8/2014

By Max R. Weller

How stupid can you be? I’m wondering about a few of the homeless people I overheard this morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless complaining about these two things:

1) The heavy rain last night, which occurred between 10:30 and 11PM at my campsite, and soaked those who are trying to get by with just wool-blend disaster blankets from BSH — NO TARPS.

2) The overpriced marijuana being sold by retail pot shops and dispensaries here in Colorado; but, despite the cannabis addicts’ gripes, they continue to buy pot on a daily basis.

Shouldn’t protection from the elements have a HIGHER PRIORITY than getting stoned? Bear in mind, FREE camping gear including tarps is available from various sources at different times during the year. I guess if you’re under the influence of marijuana, you lack the motivation to take advantage of it. As Jed Clampett said, “It’s pitiful, just pitiful.”

Here’s a song Jim Stafford does NOT sing at his theater in Branson, MO: Wildwood Flower.

Recently, I praised Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow for opening a new Women’s Shelter, with requirements for valid ID and residency as well as behavior.

Unfortunately, they didn’t quit while they were ahead . . . One of the BOHO board members (pictured below) has lied about Boulder Public Library staff by claiming that they are not “welcoming” to the homeless.

Mike Homner, BOHO board member

Here is his original comment, posted to BOHO’s Facebook Wall along with the link to this story in the Daily Camera: “To (sic) bad that they are not welcoming to the homeless. Very sad that one class of society is welcomed and another is not. Where does the public end for the homeless and general public begin?” 

My comments posted to Facebook are copied below:

Your assertion is WRONG — I’ve always been welcomed by BPL staff, and some of them have become close personal friends of this homeless man!

Do you know anything about the harassment non-homeless library patrons and BPL staff have received at the hands of the worst-behaved transients? WHY do you continue to stick up for these bad actors (who are only a small percentage of all homeless people, although their high profile in the media makes us all look bad)? Actually, Mike, I’m due to have lunch with one of my BPL friends soon; I’ll be interested to hear what she thinks about your BIG LIE that she and her colleagues haven’t been “welcoming” to ALL patrons — up to the point that they violate library rules of conduct, WHICH APPLY TO EVERYBODY including me. The new BOHO Women’s Shelter is great, as I’ve stated on my blog, but this unfounded criticism of BPL staff makes your organization look silly.

I couldn’t help speculating about Mr. Homner’s motivation, thus this comment elsewhere on FB:

. . .  I think Mr. Homner is still caught up in the us-against-them mentality from his own time on the streets. Look at what he chooses to post on the BOHO Facebook Wall, while ignoring reality . . .

It isn’t a good idea to wave a raw, bloody steak in front of a starving grizzly bear. Nor is it advisable to try and spread bull**** on the Internet about anything which the Homeless Philosopher takes a personal interest in, such as the homeless people who choose to create chaos at Boulder Public Library’s Main Branch at 1001 Arapahoe.

When are these bums going to be held accountable? See photo below from This is Boulder Colorado:


Camping out at BPL

What, Mr. Homner? You think BPL staff should have allowed these characters to sleep inside the facility overnight? Make no mistake, if it were my call to make, I’d give each and every bum causing trouble a swift kick in the ass! After all, they’re not very “welcoming” for the rest of us homeless folks who behave decently — and that’s at least 80% of all those who can be defined as homeless in the course of a year.

BTW, the notorious apologist/enabler for the worst-behaved transients, Joy Eckstine Redstone, has also been a BOHO board member for some time now. See photo below:


Joy and Jim Budd ca. 2009

Disgusting, isn’t it?

Tonight at my campsite: sardines and saltine crackers. Yummy!


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