Pick up your dog poop! And more

By Max R. Weller


(Facebook photo)

The native animal species here in Boulder, CO — especially those living along trails built for your enjoyment — don’t like your yapping little ankle-biter’s excrement fouling up their environment. I’m told that Mr. Rattler, above, was quite angry over the issue . . . Bag the poop AND take it with you!

Read Smoke from Canadian wildfires hangs over Boulder County in the Daily Camera. LOL!

“Yeah, man, it’s those Canadian wildfires!”

On a more serious note, it’s always worth one’s time to read the Declaration of Independence.

In a way, I’ve declared my independence from the homeless shelter/services industry (comprised of both government agencies and private nonprofits) here in Boulder, CO — and not a single day passes that I’m not grateful to have avoided falling into their clutches. All I have to do is look at the pathetic characters hanging out in Central Park (as I ride past there on the SKIP bus), being enabled in their degrading lifestyle by Bridge House and others, to know that my way is the better way by far!

Let’s briefly recall the Great Depression of the 1930s, when poor and homeless people weren’t being coddled by the do-gooders:


Want a “free” meal? Okay, here’s a broom, sweep this floor. A cot in our flophouse overnight will cost you two bits, cash money. Tomorrow, you can hit the road!

It was a simpler time, and a better time in many ways . . .

Tonight at my campsite: meatball sandwiches.


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