Great patriotic music, and more

By Max R. Weller

Give a listen to two of my favorites:

Battle Hymn of the Republic

The Stars and Stripes Forever

I was gratified once again yesterday by the show of support from passersby and neighbors in north Boulder. Thanks to all!

I’m sorry that motorists driving by the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 were subjected to the spectacle of Denver King yelling and cursing as he panhandled there, simply because folks didn’t feel like giving him money for cigarettes and marijuana. He was there continuously from about 11:30AM, when I arrived to sit on the wall nearby and read a book, until about 3:30PM; as he left, he bitterly complained to me that he’d made only $2 during those four hours. I spent just one hour playing the role of humble beggar after King left, making $18 in that time, and during the course of the day a couple of people stopped by my shady spot to give me a $10 Subway cash card, a cold bottle of Coke, a $20 bill, and a giant Hershey bar.

Oddly enough, during a brief thunderstorm around 5PM, King returned to the corner to try his luck again. WTF? Passersby continued to ignore him. What’s more, one of the transients who has been in Boulder the past month went out there to inquire about “flying a sign” when King was done; this led to a verbal altercation between the two losers which would have resulted in blows being traded or worse, had it occurred in Kansas City, MO. What in blazes were they arguing about? $2 in four hours? God (if there is a god) gave more brains to a turnip than He did to these two clowns.

Read Binge drinking leads to one in 10 early adult deaths, CDC says from the Washington Post via the Denver Post. No doubt at all that a much higher proportion of homeless deaths are caused by booze.

I think I’ll buy a really trashy novel at King Soopers today, maybe something by Jackie Collins, just so I can appreciate better quality writing in the future.

Tonight at my campsite: Chester’s fried chicken and V-8 juice.

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