Max’s Journal 6/26/2014

By Max R. Weller


The Homeless Philosopher in 2011

The Homeless Philosopher ca. 350 BC*

It would be refreshing for the debate in re homelessness here in Boulder if all of the critics would remember my very first blog post, way back around October of 2009 on the Daily Camera website (since exported to my own website), in which I laid all of the cards on the table: A brief bio of Max R. Weller. Later, I expanded upon that: Caring for my mom . . .

If it makes you feel better about yourself to announce a “revelation” about my past — which has been widely known about here in Boulder, CO for years now — then I’m happy for you. Really! But, how about returning your focus to the issue of homelessness? Unless, of course, you have nothing at all which is sensible to add to the discussion.

LOL! Read Xcel and PUC agree: Boulder overstepping bounds in utility case in the DC. My online comment is copied below:

The City of Boulder should stick to what it does best: providing a haven for the worst-behaved transients from Denver and elsewhere.

I’m a little disappointed that only a few sprinkles of rain fell at my campsite overnight. Now that I have a new tarp to waterproof my own burrow, I’m hoping for a rainfall sufficient to drown the invading prairie dogs in their new burrows in my area near N. Broadway & U.S. 36. Has anyone living in the Dakota Ridge neighborhood seen these filthy varmints there? Flea-bitten, plague-carrying pests! Kill ’em all, I say . . .

Announcing a new venue for transients, conveniently located right next to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, as reported in this DC puff piece: Developers propose housing, brewpub, arts spaces for armory site in north Boulder. Brewpub? Well, the alcoholics residing in the new Housing First project being built at 1175 Lee Hill won’t have far to stagger:

This artist’s rendering of the proposed redevelopment of the Colorado National Guard Armory site in north Boulder is a view of the proposed community

This artist’s rendering of the proposed redevelopment of the Colorado National Guard Armory site in north Boulder is a view of the proposed community plaza looking northwest with the arts pavilion in the distance. (Courtesy Circle D Companies and Loftus Developments)

What the artist failed to show is any of the drunks passed out or urinating in full view of everyone, including kids. This neighborhood has seen all too much of such misbehavior from the bums.

Many thanks to all those who stop by my spot in north Boulder to say hello and/or donate to the cause. Without folks like you, I couldn’t keep working on this blog. Have a good day!

*Diogenes of Sinope


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