Max’s Journal 6/23/2014

By Max R. Weller

A powerful thunderstorm with heavy rain and hail passed through my north Boulder neighborhood yesterday afternoon around 4PM. I retreated into my burrow, covered up by wool-blend “homeless disaster blankets” and my tarp (which is not as waterproof now as it once was, and needs to be replaced ASAP). Never before have I heard such a prolonged noise of thunder, which continued without a break for several minutes as the storm moved eastward.

More of the same is forecast for today, but I hope to have a chance to spread my gear out to dry before the next storm hits.

Is acting out by lunatics a reliable predictor of nasty weather in the immediate future? If so, when may be in for a rough time later on today if the behavior of the homeless nutcases waiting outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning can be trusted. One of ’em was a guy I’ll call Cupid, who was tossed out of the Transition Program a few months ago, and also banned from the facility for a period, for sending a Valentine’s Day card to a BSH staff member. This character couldn’t shut up about how well he’s doing now — with his own place to stay, steady work with a good income, etc. — but he shows up at the homeless shelter not knowing what time it was, and looking forward to both a free shower and a free breakfast. A couple of other Froot Loops started talking about how the unidentified “they” are controlling our weather in the ionosphere (BTW, God is going to punish me for laughing at this). You get the idea: this is what your donations to BSH support, and these poor souls aren’t being helped to get back in touch with reality.

Read this editorial from the Washington Post via the Daily Camera. My online comment is copied below:

A victory of political correctness over substance — and it won’t do a darn thing to improve the wretched living conditions of so many Native Americans.

But, fools will Feel Good about it.

As one of the Lakota prison inmates I tutored in Missouri DOC might say: “Stupid wasichus! Who do they think they’re kidding?”

It reminds me of a recent post here, Boulder, CO’s do-gooders enable misery and death of the homeless.

Poor Denver King! He just doesn’t understand why it is that I don’t have to panhandle for three or more hours every single day, as he does. It’s because generous passersby and my neighbors around the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 actually like me. From last Thursday through Saturday, I played the role of humble beggar for a total of five hours, making $85 plus change. That’s $17 per hour, which rates as excellent in my experience. Of course, it helps that I don’t spend all of my cash on cigarettes and marijuana, as does the “Homeless Vet Dying of Lung Cancer” pictured here:

(Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

Tonight at my campsite: more $1 frozen cheeseburgers from King Soopers. As long as they remain on sale, I’ll keep eating ’em.

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