Stonewall Jackson slept here, and more

By Max R. Weller

This morning when I left my campsite shortly after 5AM, on my way over to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless which opens at 6, I saw another new homeless guy asleep in the CDOT lot next to N. Broadway. He was visible to passersby on that well-traveled street; what’s more, both city police and county deputies often park their vehicles there to finish writing reports, eat a sandwich, etc. The CDOT lot is clearly posted NO TRESPASSING on all sides. When this benighted transient came over to wait at BSH with the rest of us, I could see his remarkable resemblance to the famous Confederate general pictured above, and New Homeless Guy was wearing a hat with the Confederate battle flag stitched to the front. He spoke with an accent that could only have come from the Deep South.

The real Stonewall Jackson managed to get accidentally shot by his own troops, and died from complications after an arm was amputated. New Homeless Guy will probably manage to get into ongoing trouble with local law enforcement, unless he suddenly gets a whole lot smarter.

No, I didn’t offer our latter-day Stonewall Jackson any advice to help him avoid being ticketed/arrested. Live and learn . . .

Please feel free to copy and paste the link to this blog anywhere it suits you: Others have done so, and I appreciate your help to spread the word about homelessness as it truly is:


I need to retrieve my hair clippers from my friends’ basement storage closet over in Longmont, judging by this photo, and will do so as soon as I can figure out how to get electricity at my campsite. I’m not about to use clippers in the men’s lavatory at BSH because some filthy, lice-ridden character would certainly ask to borrow them.

Tonight at my campsite: $1 frozen cheeseburgers from King Soopers, which are fully cooked and will thaw out in a couple of hours, and instant mashed potatoes on the side.


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