When will the rainy season in Boulder, CO end? And more

By Max R. Weller

Read Storms dump half an inch to an inch of rain in Boulder in the Daily Camera. The forecast today calls for sun and a gentle breeze, so I’ll be able to dry out my camping gear; the ground is saturated, so rainfall just sits on the surface and finds its way underneath the edges of my tarp (which is about worn out, anyway, and no longer sheds rain as it should).

While this guy’s previous alcohol-related traffic offenses, as reported in the DC, aren’t relevant to the accident which claimed the life of his daughter, I’ve thought all along he was following the car in front of his vehicle too closely. Quoting from the article:

The Ford F250 truck DuBose was driving May 31 on Boulder Canyon Drive crashed into Boulder Creek after colliding with a Toyota RAV4 that had stopped for a bear in the roadway. DuBose and his daughter Eliza were able to get to safety, but Sophia was swept down the creek.

State Patrol troopers said DuBose should have been able to avoid the SUV, though their investigation is ongoing.

“The driver of the F250, we believe, should have been able to see the RAV4,” said Colorado State Patrol Trooper Nate Reid. “There was plenty of spacing. If somebody was distracted for a split second on a road like that … it doesn’t take but a split second for somebody to hit somebody in the rear like that.”

Investigators are looking into why DuBose was not able to stop in time.

Maybe it’s because Mr. DuBose is a menace on the roads, regardless of whether he’s drunk or sober. He could still be cited.

See Longmont student creates nutrition bars for the homeless in the Times-Call. Quoting from the story below:

The small brown squares are patent-pending and crammed with grains, protein, fiber, calcium and vitamin B, Owen said, but he wants more.

“My goal is to get ⅓ of the necessary daily vitamins and minerals into the bars,” Owen said.

Owen, I don’t enjoy raining on your parade, but you’ve failed to consider the fact that most chronically homeless men and women have bad teeth, and a few have no teeth. My molars are in terrible shape and I can’t chew the typical granola bar. Plus, these things usually taste like sawdust. Squirrels seem to enjoy them, however, and that’s where the “nutrition bars” I receive from kindhearted folks go:


The young man can be forgiven for overlooking such an obvious drawback to his nutrition bars for the homeless, but Edwina Salazar has no excuse whatsoever. All she’s looking at are $$$ signs, and supporting young Owen’s project is another good way to bamboozle potential donors to Longmont’s OUR Center.

Much better would be a “nutrition smoothie” — no teeth required. I’d even try one . . .

No surprise here: More patients flocking to emergency rooms under Obamacare in the Courier-Journal. Ain’t this contrary to what was supposed to happen? LOL!

Tonight at my campsite: junk food galore!





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