Max’s Journal 6/6/2014

By Max R. Weller

Humans of New York Facebook post:


“I’d say 20 percent of the people sleeping at my shelter want to improve their condition, and become self-supporting. Another 30 percent are mentally unstable. And it seems the other 50 percent have just grown comfortable with being taken care of, and don’t have any plans beyond smoking or drinking. It’s this last 50 percent that make it so difficult for the 20 percent of us who really want to change our lives. But they actually motivate me. Because I never want to be like them.”

The Homeless Philosopher has often said that the homeless shelter/services industry operates with this unspoken and unwritten creed: More Homeless People = More Money. Naturally, the so-called private nonprofits and government agencies alike (which employ an army of workers all across America) have neither the incentive nor the desire to help the homeless become independent. Quite the opposite!

BTW, I’ve seen several Transition Program residents from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless panhandling at various corners around Boulder, CO in the past few years. BSH staff knows and approves of this activity; I’m not aware of any other “program” in the country which allows clients to panhandle. Those of you (especially on the Daily Camera website) who recommend that folks should give money to local nonprofits — rather than directly to beggars themselves — are ignorant of reality and deluded by your Feel Good impulses.

According to Boulder County officials, violating federal laws in re marijuana is a “use by right” here in terms of zoning. Read In light of public outcry . . . in the Times-Call. Can we expect to see private security guards at this facility? Maybe Mr. Diaz:


I think these county officials are stoned themselves and/or taking bribes from the marijuana industry.

Koch gives United Negro College Fund $25 million by the Associated Press via the Kansas City Star.

World honors D-Day’s fallen, 70 years on by the AP’s Greg Keller and Lori Hinnant via the Denver Post.

Tonight at my campsite: more unhealthy food that offends the First Nanny, Michelle Obama.

Kroger (King Soopers) One Minute Cheeseburger

Obviously, I don’t have a microwave where I live, but these burgers are fully cooked and I allow them to thaw out first, then add my own toppings. See taste test of frozen burgers.


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