Looking for a more upscale campsite

By Max R. Weller

I’ve lived in the same north Boulder neighborhood continuously for over six years now, and I’ve lost all patience waiting for things to change in re the worst-behaved transients and Transition Program bums from nearby Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. The same ol’, same ol’ bullshit is tiresome, and even the scenic view I have is becoming rather blah to me.

Here’s what I’d rather see every day:

Mount Meeker and Longs Peak are seen from Union Reservoir in Longmont. The Twin Peaks stand over a valley full of fascinating curiosities. (Times-Call file)

Let’s be honest: Boulder’s Flatirons are not nearly as grand as the scene above. And being right up against the Foothills restricts one’s view of the Rockies beyond; it’s sort of like being in the presence of a beautiful woman, and only being able to see her armpit.

I’d love to find a way to camp year-round along the St. Vrain River Greenway, regardless of any applicable laws which might restrict or ban such activity. I can be very inconspicuous.

Another consideration for me, fastidious as I am, is having access to a shower facility every morning. Longmont’s OUR Center does NOT provide this amenity for homeless people, despite the millions and millions of $$$ they rake in annually.

These are my thoughts and desires, humble as they may be . . .


4 thoughts on “Looking for a more upscale campsite

  1. pimom1

    Hey Max! I told you to come to the Andes mountains! There aren’t a lot of rules here :-). Here’s a blog of one of our expat citizens here, and every time I read your blog…..I think of these things!: “There are a lot of issues like this when you start opening your eyes.

    No GFCI plugs in any of the wet areas. My guess is there is not an ARCH fault circuit to be found anywhere… I could be wrong.

    No smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors for home safety. No fire sprinklers in any of the homes I have been in, and I have seen way to much electrical tape where a wire nut should be on the electrical wiring. Lots of so called substandard practices compared to what they have in the states….

    But we aren’t in the states, are we?

    Lets step outside, but step carefully.

    Uneven sidewalks and streets await you. Open trenches, missing utility service covers, metal rebar sticking up and surprises everywhere you look…. Some might say there is a potential accident waiting to happen around every corner. (To be fair, the sidewalks seem to be in better condition than just a few years ago, but you still need to pay attention.)

    Look up… is the light red or green? Who knows, the stop lights only face one direction on all these one way streets. If you are walking the opposite way of car traffic, you have no way of knowing what to do.

    Motor vehicles have the right of way here. Stay off the street or get run over. Move your butt, those cars are not going to slow down for you. (I for one do not miss those guys with low rider pants shuffling thru a crosswalk as slow as possible. Those fools would not last ten minutes on the streets of Cuenca.)

    How do people survive here. You would think someone would be dead or dying around every corner, electrocuted in their bathrooms, of dead from carbon monoxide poisoning… but that does not happen here, except on very rare occasions.

    So what’s up?

    I think it is called “personal responsibility”.

    People pay attention here. It is required in order to survive. You don’t see people texting while walking or driving. On occasion I will see someone with ear buds in public, one in a hundred maybe, but nothing like California.

    Want to live another day? Pay attention. Want to live downtown? Either get used to the pollution, get a mask, or move. Worried about fire in your home, go buy a smoke detector.

    The government is not going to take care of you. You need to take care of yourself.

    I like it. Survival of the fittest and smartest.

    Ecuadorians are survivors for sure.

    And so am I…

    Other Things Cuenca Ecuador Does Not Have

    No drive by shootings.
    No mass killings at your local school play ground or workplace.
    Most items do not have safety seals on them. Just open and eat.
    No plumped up chickens filled with hormones and antibiotics.
    Prisons are not filled with a shameful amount of the population.
    Ecuador does not have a thousand rules, regulations, and ordinances to protect stupid people from themselves.”

  2. A Price

    Hey Max. You are right. OUR Center will give you nothing that you need. Not even free lockers. No showers. I believe what used to be shower stalls have now been turned into cubicles for the lesser members of the fundraising staff. There is no good place to be if you are homeless. Unless perhaps a home. Caught me drinking that red wine again. Like I said……


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