Where’s the Mapleton Elk Memorial? And more

By Max R. Weller

Money has been collected for over a year now, since Shotgun Sam Carter did the dirty deed and assassinated the wealthy white neighborhood’s pet, but to my knowledge there is nothing to show for it nor has there been any accounting for the funds made available to the public. What happened to it?

BTW, I think a bronze sculpture would be most appropriate. I’m aware that a life-sized elk would be way too expensive, but how about using this model instead, which could be done at much less cost:

Elk scat

Read this Guest Opinion by Robert Brakenridge in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Surprising but true: the Town of Lyons is now seeking federal disaster recovery funds to expand its population, by Boulder County Housing Authority construction of major new housing on undeveloped land. Open land that is presently parks and conservation easement-protected private properties.

Such development will be in addition to already ongoing housing expansion in the Lyons Valley Park subdivision. The plan runs counter to many years of community input and master planning; input that expressed what residents desire. They want the town to keep its rural character, and to not greatly expand in size. But residents are being advised that building housing on the park land is the only way to help low income displaced individuals affected by the flood of September, 2013.

The needs are compelling. Yet the open lands now being considered were put aside for all of the town: specifically to not be subdivided into housing or commercial use. The private property owners involved have received significant tax benefits for years because their land is, by law, closed to this purpose. The town agreed to conservation easements on the parks; that is how they were acquired. Should Lyons and Boulder County now give up these lands and easements: to provide space for housing authority projects, to house many more people than were displaced and are still in need?

My online comment is copied below:

YES! Break down the arbitrary barriers which have served only to prop up inflated real estate prices and removed thousands of acres of land from the tax rolls.

The concept of Open Space was probably sound in the beginning, but it has long since become a parody of itself as it continues to grow like a bureaucratic cancer.

How can any fair-minded and reasonable person put Open Space ahead of housing for folks who have suffered through the loss of their homes in the Great Colorado Flood of 2013, especially residents of Lyons?

Mr. Brakenridge, I suggest you adopt a diet of bran flakes and prune juice until you are “moved” to see things in a different light.

This morning, I overheard a Transition Program robot at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless trying to sell a volunteer on the new Housing First project being built right next door; it was obvious he had done no independent study on the issue. I referred the lady to this article in the Anchorage Daily News, as a preview of what we can expect here in Boulder, CO at 1175 Lee Hill.

[WhodunitCare] has dropped off the radar, or so it would seem. The Dems are in no hurry to be seen embracing it with November’s midterm elections getting closer . . . Read this piece from Investor’s Business Daily online.

Tonight at my campsite: beef corn dogs with mustard, one of the great treats known to gastronomes everywhere.


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