Max’s Journal 5/27/2014

By Max R. Weller

Moment of remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery (Washington Post)

A great three-day vacation for me over the Memorial Day weekend! The bums were almost all MIA in my north Boulder neighborhood around the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 (the lone exception being Mississippi, who briefly panhandled there before getting discouraged and leaving), and several residents and business owners I hadn’t met before took the opportunity to introduce themselves. They understand from firsthand experience that the tales I relate here are true, and they’re smart enough to judge me on my own merits as Homeless Philosopher, unlike the cowardly anonymous commentators on the Daily Camera website who want to lump all who are homeless into the category of sociopathic substance abusers (no more than 20% of all who can be defined as “homeless” during the course of a year).

The ACLU is clueless, but I’m still bemused by this latest flap over panhandling; as I’ve stated many times, passersby should get to know the beggar(s) they see before offering them CASH. Me? I use it to purchase all of life’s necessities including food, clothing, toiletries, camping gear, bus fare, etc. I don’t smoke cigarettes nor am I a drunken/stoned idjit, plus I’m quiet and respectful of others. I’ve lived here continuously since early 2008. It’s absurd to punish someone like me for the sins of transients from Denver and elsewhere, who come to trash our fair city because of nonprofits like Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless rolling out the Red Carpet for ’em and operating by the creed MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY. Let me be blunt: Anybody who supports these two scamming organizations is making the problem worse. The most low-down, corrupt beggars in Boulder, CO are those soliciting funding for Bridge House and BSH — and your donations to either one do no good whatsoever in terms of positive long-term benefits to their homeless clients.

Do you really want to do good? Help one person at a time, based on your carefully acquired knowledge of how they will respond to what you offer. Forget about Isabel McDevitt and Greg Harms, both of whom have an altogether different agenda.

If you want to support local worthy causes in addition to homeless individuals, I recommend these two:

Attention Homes

Emergency Family Assistance Association

I feel rather blah. Perhaps a dose of the old family recipe is in order:


A single bottle would last me a year . . .

That’s all for now, folks.


2 thoughts on “Max’s Journal 5/27/2014

  1. pimom1

    Max, I go to a drumming circle near the Tomebamba River in Cuenca, after church every Sunday! Cuenca gives permits to its panhandlers. We really don’t have many! Ecuador’s unemployment is about 8%. I don’t know HOW they count the people who work, sell and provide services in your neighborhoods, and on the streets!? Seems like EVERYONE works…..young/old….at something! The bridge I cross on Sundays/Domingus always has a guy who is obviously paralyzed from what looks like a stroke. He’s pretty young, and I always give whatever change I have in my bag! He makes eye contact now, and smiles…..nice!


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