War on Poverty: FAIL, and more

By Max R. Weller


Exchange on the Facebook page of Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow:

Max Weller: What I want is to be left alone by the do-gooders, who always have an agenda not compatible with anyone’s personal freedom . . .

BOHO: Max can you tell us how “do-gooders” have infringed on your personal freedom?

Max Weller: I’ve been in six different “programs” — an evangelical cult in the Missouri Ozarks, a Salvation Army men’s program in Springfield (MO), a Missouri DOC halfway house in Kansas City (MO), a privately-operated secular halfway house run under state contract in KC, a secular nonprofit in KC, and very briefly at Catholic Charities’ Samaritan House in Denver — during the period between December, 2003 and February, 2007. They all shared one thing in common: the goal of breaking down the individual’s ego and reshaping him into a permanent dependent on the system (with or without a religious element). I see the same thing here in Boulder, CO. Bear in mind, I was never cited for any kind of misbehavior at any of these, and in fact I wound up being employed by a couple of them. I feel sorry for all those homeless folks who fall into the clutches of do-gooders who are determined to micromanage their affairs, because this is NOT at all conducive to helping anyone to become an independent, fully-functioning member of society. Granted, I have great limitations in my chosen lifestyle, but I’m not contributing to the great injustice I see being perpetrated by nonprofits who operate by the creed MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY. I hope that, in a small way at least, I’m now the bane of the do-gooders’ existence . . .

BOHO: I can understand your feelings about breaking down one’s ego but, we at BOHO do emergency warming centers only. We take those who are turned away at the shelter and give them a warm, safe and a legal place to sleep. That’s all we do, we don’t have programs making people permanently dependent on the system. We do our best to keep people alive, period. Like we discussed previously, we would love nothing better than to be put ourself out of business. That would mean we wouldn’t have homelessness in Boulder. As we both know this unfortunately isn’t the case, reality dictates otherwise. We partner up with faiths of all denominations to provide space for those who need to get out of the cold. BOHO is a secular organization with no religious affiliations. Like you said, you have “chosen your lifestyle”. The issue I can’t understand is how BOHO has infringed on your personal freedom?

Max Weller:  I appreciate what you do, and I fully support providing a minimal level of emergency shelter/services for the homeless. BUT, other organizations within the local social services industry are making the problem worse, mostly due to greed, and I believe you ought to recognize this and challenge them as I do. Remaining silent is not an option. WTF? Spending over $6 million for a 31-unit Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill, while hundreds of others remain homeless here in Boulder? It’s unconscionable!


I found a very entertaining novel yesterday morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison. I read half of it yesterday, sitting along the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant in my north Boulder neighborhood and later at my campsite. It’s very well-written, not an easy thing to pull off when an author is dealing with such a dark subject and a cast of degenerate characters. I hope to finish it today.

BTW, Shouting Joe put the scourge of our corner at N. Broadway & U.S. 36, Denver King (who could fit right in with plot of the novel cited above), into “time-out” yesterday and he didn’t so much as show his ugly face there the entire day. Nice and peaceful in the inbred’s absence. Perhaps he could fly a sign like this one to generate the sympathy he seeks from passersby:



Likely much closer to the truth than his claim of having fought in Operation Desert Storm at age 15, after undergoing Marine recruit training at Ft. Bragg (the U.S. army base in North Carolina). Or his claim of having lung cancer for the past 17 years (he’s now 38, according to Boulder County Jail records) . . .

I’m glad the forecast rain never came overnight. I slept very well in my warm and dry burrow.

Still waiting for the 2014 MDHI Point-in-Time Report to be released, based on a “census” of homeless people taken back in January.

That’s all for now.

One thought on “War on Poverty: FAIL, and more

  1. Renee Thompson

    I loved “Bastard Out of Carolina!” I read it a looong time ago and have forgotten most of it, but I remembered I enjoyed it very much! Have a good day reading!


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