Max’s Journal 5/20/2014

By Max R. Weller

I’m not sure what point the author of this letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera is attempting to make. My online comment is copied below:

I feel like going for 100 thumbs down today! Here goes:

The only difference between a humble beggar like me and the folks soliciting donations to Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is the amount of money taken in; I manage to barely scrape by and they rake in millions of $$$. The “nonprofits” are NOT morally superior in any way . . .

How about the City of Boulder doing a performance audit of the nonprofits to determine what positive long-term benefits are obtained by spending these millions of $$$? Has any homeless person’s life been changed for the better through so-called transitional living or permanent supportive care programs, and are they still up to society’s standards after 5 years or 10 years? How much money was spent to obtain such a result in individual cases?

The nonprofits are touted by many who post highly critical remarks here about panhandlers, lumping them all into the category of alcoholics/drug addicts. This is, of course, nothing but ignorant prejudice.

I’m from Missouri originally, but have resided in Boulder, CO and its environs continuously since early 2008. You’ll have to SHOW ME evidence that Bridge House and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless are worthy of any financial support from public sources (private donations are a different matter altogether, and that includes the donations I receive from private sources).

Have a good day, everyone.

Some Boulder bumpkin using the screen name “GPPCI” quickly chimed in with this remark:

just curious, to (sic) you contribute to public sources of funding i.e. pay taxes?

My reply:

Yes, of course, and on a daily basis.


I’m glad to see the New York Rangers besting the Montreal Canadiens in their Stanley Cup playoff series; I’ve always despised Montreal, from the time I first started following the NHL in the late ’60s. BTW, here’s a YouTube video of the greatest hockey player (and perhaps the greatest pro athlete, period) who ever played the game, Bobby Orr.

Thunderstorms with hail in the forecast for Boulder today. I sure wish I had that tiny house to crawl into for shelter . . . I’m not sure lying under a tarp is the best option for anyone as old and decrepit as me.

Screenshot from 2013-12-21 09:03:47

Screenshot from YouTube video

That’s all for now, folks.


2 thoughts on “Max’s Journal 5/20/2014

  1. jason

    hockey is dead to me since my San Jose Sharks(yes, a homeless man owns a NHL franchise .we r not all as rich as Mark Cuban) choked to the (fuck)LA Kings. LOL. tc eat dessert 1st.


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