More whining from Boulder’s bums

By Max R. Weller

Read Boulder’s homeless, advocates stress need for springtime help in the Daily Camera.

My comment follows:

These so-called advocates do NOT speak for this homeless person, and I wish that the Daily Camera would stop promoting their “poor, poor pitiful me” agenda.

Even a guy like me, with very limited mobility due to a bad hip and other physical problems, could mange to buy a Greyhound ticket to a warmer clime or hitchhike there. The reason I don’t is because I’ve learned how to cope in cold weather here in Boulder — with adequate camping gear for the task, and I’ve spent the last two nights in a motel.

BTW, I don’t receive government benefits of any kind nor do I patronize any nonprofit besides Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for a morning shower and to maintain a small locker.

If I were caught up in being a client of the local social services industry, I’d be utterly helpless and might easily succumb to the elements, as the do-gooders enabled me to pursue a lifestyle of drinking/drugging and petty criminal misbehavior. I prefer to be sober and independent of Isabel McDevitt, et al.

Sadly, the guiding principle in play here is MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY. Stop donating to the nonprofits until they change their greedy ways!



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