‘Feds: Four men diverted Colombian cash to Colorado marijuana businesses’

By Max R. Weller

Read the story from the Denver Post. Quoting from it below:

The largest federal raids ever of Colorado’s medical-marijuana industry culminated Monday in the indictment of four people on accusations they funneled and laundered hundreds of thousands of dollars from Colombia to buy a Denver warehouse.

The allegations in the case, detailed for the first time Monday, paint a picture of international money transfers, a marijuana dispensary owner on the lam, high-dollar cultivation facilities, and a car trunk full of cash. If convicted, the defendants could be sentenced to decades in prison.

“This is a money-laundering case,” Jeffrey Dorschner, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Colorado, said after a court hearing Monday.

Named in the indictment are brothers Luis and Gerardo Uribe, 28 and 33, respectively; attorney David Furtado, 48; and Colombian citizen Hector Diaz, 49. Both Uribes and Furtado were among the owners of the more than a dozen medical-marijuana businesses that Drug Enforcement Administration and Internal Revenue Service investigators raided last November in the biggest federal sweep ever against the state’s legal marijuana industry.

Didn’t I tell you so, years ago? Because no bank would make a business loan to any marijuana entrepreneur, of course the money had to come from other sources — and what better opportunity for those involved in the illegal drug trade to “launder” their cash, than in so-called “legal” marijuana operations? And this case is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me.

Hector Diaz (U.S. Attorney’s Office)

Maybe one of these days I’ll have an old barn (or a cave) to call home, a place where I might rest during the day without being disturbed by anyone:

One can always dream . . .

Mississippi Billy sneaked out to the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 to panhandle yesterday, during the noon hour, but I let him be until about 2PM. I had a book to read, anyway, as I sat on the wall in front of the Mexican restaurant nearby. When I finally strolled out there, I asked him two questions:

1) “You didn’t walk past me on the sidewalk, so how did you get out here?” He lied and said that a friend had dropped him off there; what he really did, I’ve concluded, is slip behind me through the commercial district.

2) “You’ve been here an hour-and-a-half now; how much money have you made?” He admitted it was only a dollar.

I could have broken my trekking pole off in his rear end — the last thing we need is another pickled idjit like Drunk Brian, sitting there all day long for nothing. Billy could tell I was pissed off, so he left the corner pronto. Between 2 and 4:30PM I made $29, about average, but the important thing was to keep the po’ white Mississippi trash from leaving bad vibes there. I don’t mind sharing the spot with those who profit by it, but Billy sitting on his milk crate (which he carries around Boulder with him) for less than $1 per hour is wasting my time and costing me money.

BTW, Billy gets food stamps and also frequents the numerous Free Giveaway venues in our fair city, and has probably applied for Social Security disability due to his leg being ravaged by the flesh-eating bacteria, so why does he need help from kindhearted passersby, too? I don’t seek any assistance from either the government or private nonprofits, except Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for my morning shower and to maintain a small locker.

Like most transients who drift into Boulder, Mississippi Billy just wants to grab everything he can for himself.

Not on my watch.

Enjoy this clip from one of the great Hollywood movies, “Inherit the Wind” starring Spencer Tracy.

That’s all for now . . .


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