Coyote finds tasty snack on south Boulder trail, and more

By Max R. Weller

Read the gripping account in the Daily Camera of the tragedy which befell another yapping little ankle-biter, Woman reports pet dog snatched by coyote on south Boulder trail. Quoting from it below:

A coyote attacked and ran off with a woman’s dog after she let if off-leash on the Bear Canyon Trail on Thursday, according to a report being investigated by Boulder open space rangers.

The owner — who declined to give her name — said she was hiking the trail with her dog Maddie, an 8-pound coton de Tulear, around noon Thursday when she let the dog off-leash to get a drink at a nearby creek.

The owner said she was about 200 yards away when she saw the coyote next to Maddie. At first she thought it was a large dog she had seen on the path earlier.

“I thought it was playing with her,” she said.

But the owner said the coyote then picked up her dog and ran off.

Off leash, and 200 yards from its owner? Continuing excerpt:

The area where the incident happened does require dogs to be leashed.

The owner said she lives in Denver but used to hike the trail in the past, and she was in town for a class and wanted to spend some time with Maddie before she went away on a trip.

Well, at least this clueless dog owner wasn’t referred to in the story as her pet’s guardian.

Canis latrans

Here’s a piece of ART which would be great on the grounds of Boulder Public Library at 1001 Arapahoe:


Many a homeless man thinks he’s a satyr, but the truth is he only smells like a goat.

More thoughts on Bridge House’s plans for south Boulder:

FYI, “Ready-to-Work” provides only 20 hours of work per week at a wage of $8 per hour.

NOBODY can start saving funds towards moving into a place of their own at such slave wages.

And, shouldn’t the goal be to get these clients into scattered-site homes? The concept of housing projects for the poor and disadvantaged was totally discredited 50 years ago — but here in Boulder, CO it seems to be making a comeback with Walnut Place, 1175 Lee Hill, and several others.

Why segregate these individuals from the rest of society in projects if they’re truly ready to rejoin the mainstream?

I’ll give you my educated guess as to why: MORE POOR PEOPLE DEPENDENT ON THE SOCIAL SERVICES SYSTEM = MORE MONEY, and it’s an illusion that they will ever become independent when it’s money which drives policy in re homelessness. 

That’s all for now, folks . . .

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