This is really DUMB, even for Boulder, and more

By Max R. Weller

"Yes!" has been approved as part of Main Boulder Public Library’s renovation. The installation, designed by two Miami artists, will consist

“Yes!” has been approved as part of Main Boulder Public Library’s renovation. The installation, designed by two Miami artists, will consist of four free-standing aluminum characters, illuminated from within. (Courtesy photo)

Read the story in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

“The iconic image of Yes! will be a must-see for visitors to Boulder, and a legacy to our growing collection of public art,” City Manager Jane Brautigam said in a statement.

As Dan Aykroyd would put it, “Shut up, Jane, you ignorant slut!”

If you must put something up for everyone to see, let it be something that reflects reality and that all will understand:


Recognized nationwide as the living symbol of Boulder, CO

I say NO to this so-called art. But, most of us have also said NO to the worst-behaved transients at the Boulder Public Library, and our NO has fallen on deaf ears.

Flood-related Boulder Creek closure could last 60 days or more also from the DC. Online comment following story by “boulderlocal101” is copied below:

This is a complete outrage. Every summer I take my children down to the Boulder Creek at least once a week so we can sit in a cloud of marijuana smoke and watch transients drink, cuss, and fight with one another. If this restriction is put in place, where are the transients going to bathe and use the restroom? Some may just go to the library, but that’s a far walk when you’re eight beers in.

I want to see at least 15 Port-A-Johns for the transients put out in front of the library. They would have to work hours and hours to pay off a $100 fine if they were to be caught bathing or using the restroom in the creek. Even worse, they may just hit the road and head somewhere else. We can’t afford to lose these cultural icons to such cities as Portland, Seattle, or wherever they came from in the first place.

Some may disagree, but here in Boulder we have a longstanding tradition of bending over backwards for people that don’t even live and pay taxes here, and I demand that we continue in that tradition.

I saw the first robin of Spring a couple of weeks ago, but neglected to mention it here. Seeing a couple more yesterday afternoon reminded me of how important Nature is to preserving my sanity. I’ve never seen a black bear in my neighborhood around N. Broadway & U.S. 36, but I’ve heard a mountain lion as it took down a mule deer (dragging the carcass away somewhere during the night). No doubt, cougars have seen me — but humans aren’t on their menu.

Very pleasant sleeping weather overnight lately. I cover myself with blankets only, putting my tarp aside, so I can more easily view the night sky and the occasional meteors, which tend to be brighter than those I remember seeing back in Missouri. Nothing, however, as spectacular as this Russian meteor a year ago:

Meteor Explodes Over Russia . . .

And speaking of Russia, enjoy this piece from the BBC News. Someday, President Obama may be featured on FREE tokens good for use in condom dispensers in public restrooms all across America . . .

That’s all for now.


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