Max’s Journal 4/22/2014

By Max R. Weller

Please note the new page at the top of this website — “April, 2014: Transients in Boulder, CO” — and share it with as many folks as possible. It’s conveniently located for future reference.

When I returned to my north Boulder neighborhood yesterday morning, I found the drilling rig crew for soil testing already present on site; I’d been told to expect them on Friday. No matter, because my camping gear was undisturbed even though one soil sample was taken about 20′ from where I sleep. Very good guys, who treated the Homeless Philosopher with consideration and respect.

I’ve taken a leap of faith that milder Spring weather is here to stay, by coming out of my long underwear in favor of more comfortable boxer/briefs. I hope my optimism will not be crushed by another round of rain/snow and temps around the freezing mark.

Not much to report, and I find a lack of homeless drama refreshing . . .


One thought on “Max’s Journal 4/22/2014

  1. jason

    U got lucky,sir. most ppl(city workers,landscapers,etc,etc) take ppl’s stuff to the nearest is sad. i think this weather will b around 4 awhile. tc.


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