“Criminal thinking” might get you killed, and more

By Max R. Weller

First, let’s define the term (also known as “thinking errors”) and I’ll give you an example I observed yesterday (Easter Sunday morning), as I was waiting for Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to open at 6AM:

Two homeless men, one of whom had recently been booted from the Transition Program, were prowling around the parking lot of the Bustop Gentleman’s Club right next door. I noticed that the manager’s vehicle was still parked there, and as these two clowns were loudly talking and banging the cigarette butt cans around — looking for “snipes” to smoke — I was fairly sure the manager could hear them as he worked inside.

A bit of background is in order here: Bustop Gentleman’s Club has suffered break-ins, at least one attempted robbery in my time living in the neighborhood, a few of the dancers have been sexually assaulted, plus the usual sorts of drunken misbehavior you find at any venue serving alcohol. To make things worse, homeless people use the area in the rear of the building as a toilet and they gather on the benches in front to smoke dope (making a beeline there as soon as they leave BSH in the morning). Typically, the last customers leave this club at 4AM. The manager stays to count the night’s receipts, before leaving to deposit the $$$ and then go home, usually between 5 and 6AM. No surprise that the club employs bouncers, and the manager carries a handgun. I’ve observed several confrontations between this man and bums who are trespassing on the Bustop property. The bums become very angry when told to leave, and I can certainly understand the manager’s mounting frustration.

Returning to yesterday morning, the manager did come out at about 5:45AM, and he confronted the two bums mentioned above. Apparently, although I didn’t hear his exact words, he used some rather colorful language to inform the trespassers that they must get off the property immediately. Both of these derelicts started cursing at the manager, and walking toward him in what seemed to me to be an aggressive manner. The manager pulled his gun, at which point the bums turned around and left, still running their mouths. The manager got in his car and drove away, as the former BSH Transition Program resident marched down the sidewalk next to the shelter, waving his arms and cursing loudly.

I expected the Boulder PD to make an appearance on the scene quickly, and they did. One officer spoke to both suspects, who continued to be agitated, one complaining that the manager had called him a dirty so-and-so. WTF? A pair of trespassing bums, verbally aggressive and even physically threatening until a gun was brought out, want to paint themselves as innocent victims? This is a great example of criminal thinking. It was time to enter BSH for my shower then, but the bums weren’t arrested and taken to jail as they could have been — not to mention being shot by the manager, as would have been justifiable in the circumstances.

I made it a point to tell one BSH staff member what I’d witnessed, and I urged her to tell the homeless people in her charge to stay away from the property of Bustop Gentleman’s Club (unless, of course, they want to be paying customers of that fine establishment).


Well, in a way I’m happy that my old Daily Camera community blog has gone the way of the dodo. Click on the link to Max Weller on homelessness and see for yourself. File this under Only in Boulder. Honestly, I lost any desire to be associated with the DC long ago.

Last Friday, I spoke with an engineer who was staking out a few spots in the field where I sleep at night, adjacent to a business in my neighborhood. He told me that a drilling rig will be arriving this coming Friday to take soil samples, presumably for future construction. This business expansion could be weeks or months away; sooner or later, however, I’ll have to move to a different campsite. Not a problem . . .

Tonight at my campsite: Easter candy discounted at King Soopers, perhaps?


One thought on ““Criminal thinking” might get you killed, and more

  1. jason

    LOL. i got to laugh at some homeless people’s behavior. i know 1 of the reason ,i never got into any serious trouble or ever was arrested .when i was homeless in florida and now unfortunately in colorado is i keep a low profile. like ,u said, those ppl arent suppose to b there in the 1st place. well, get the candy,sir. love the days after valentines day,easter,halloween. tc.


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