Militant Denver bums tell ME to leave Boulder, and more

By Max R. Weller

This morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, the last one during which transients in large numbers were present until the emergency overnight dorms reopen on October 15th, I found that the bums had trashed a couple more of the toilets in the men’s restroom — probably as a token of their anger at the sheltering season ending. I verbally denounced the unknown vandals, who have behaved badly for the past six months at BSH, and apparently I hurt their feelings . . . A couple of them, hiding in locked bathroom stalls, told me that I “bitched” too much and that I should leave if I “don’t like how it is” at the shelter.

Of course, I pointed out that I’ll remain in Boulder all summer, visiting BSH every morning just as I have in years past — while the Denver bums will be crawling back to Jesus Saves in that city.

You know, I’ve been in jails and prisons and lived on the mean streets of the inner city in KC, so I know how to distinguish bullshit from a real threat when I hear such bluster. These transients are cowards, as well as self-entitled idjits, and they’d be well-advised to take their butts on down the road voluntarily, ASAP. Folks in Boulder, except for the small cadre of apologists/enablers, are sick of ’em. Let Isabel McDevitt at Bridge House pat their hands and make nice with ’em, and tell ’em that their “rights” to trash our fair city will be upheld:


Passed out in front of the Chief Niwot statue.


Clothes and gear drying out on the Chief Niwot statue.


Who wouldn’t want to come to Boulder? New camping gear courtesy of donors. Of course none of the donors are inviting these people to hang out near their homes and camp.


The Boulder Public library.

10010214_304792516342254_3536541499293270704_o (1)

Scenes at the Peace Garden. Would you feel welcome sitting in this cloud of dope smoke with your kids?


The park in front of the Boulder Museum and Dushanbe.

1957668_304792723008900_5741302698310888939_o (1)

The scene just behind Boulder High School. The guy in the black sweat shirt was running drugs back and forth between this area and the park in front of Dushanbe. Watched him make a couple of deals.

All photos and captions above are from the Facebook page of This is Boulder Colorado.

Boulder police investigate body found near drainage ditch behind Target from the Daily Camera. Not certain yet that this is another transient death, but it seems most likely.


I’ll copy this blog post and e-mail it to Boulder City Council and the City Manager, but I’m not sanguine that they have the gumption to clean up our city once and for all.


3 thoughts on “Militant Denver bums tell ME to leave Boulder, and more

  1. jason

    when , i saw the title to the post. i was thinking BLACK PANTHERS or WEATHER UNDERGROUND. too funny. what happen to king sooper snack updates? inquiring minds want to know. enjoying this weather. tc.


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