Spring is here! And more

By Max R. Weller

See the National Weather Service forecast for Boulder, CO. Usually, when a rain/snow mix falls for several hours overnight my camping gear gets wet. This time, however, I woke up at 5AM to find everything underneath my tarp dry. I hope it’s still that way when I crawl into my burrow this evening; in any case, things will warm up tomorrow so I can tolerate one miserable night.

As Tom Lehrer put it decades ago, “It just takes a smidgen . . .”

Only three more nights at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for the helpless, needy transients who are unwilling or unable to do anything for themselves. Good riddance! Yesterday morning, as I was walking from my nearby campsite over to BSH, a voice spoke to me from the total darkness in the roadside ditch along the 4900 block of N. Broadway; it was some half-witted bum who apparently had drawn a high number in the lottery for a bunk, and was turned away. I thought about warning him that the particular ditch he was sleeping in drains the entire commercial district there, but I didn’t. If he returned to that spot last night, he found out the hard way by around midnight, when a stream of ice cold water would have awakened his silly butt. Not deep enough to drown in, but it would certainly get your attention as well as sobering you up.

Do-gooders like Margeret Jane Kephart can’t understand why most people — including 80% of others who are homeless — can’t stand to be around the bums. Margaret, maybe you should invite Ditch Man into your own home; I’m sure it would prove to be most enlightening for you. BTW, the online comments following her letter-to-the-editor in the Daily Camera tell the tale: citizens here are fed up with coddling the worst-behaved transients.

I’d love to have an emergency shelter like this one:

Screenshot from 2013-12-21 09:03:47

Screenshot from video of Tiny Coroplast House.

If only there were someplace I could put it! I have the $$$ to buy the materials and could build it myself.

Miss Kansas shoots into new career from the Kansas City Star. Load her 12-gauge shotgun with bean bag rounds and let her chase the bums away from Boulder, CO’s Central Park. It would make for a highly-rated TV program, too.

Thought for the day:


That’s all for now . . .


One thought on “Spring is here! And more

  1. jason

    land or a place to setup a tent or whatever is always an issue.that is y when i get a spot . i always try and keep it a secret and as clean as possible. who knew it would b easier to find quality camping sites in florida than colorado.i think ppl would think colorado would have more open space but they would b wrong. lol. no more free mcdonalds. i want to thnk taco bell 4 pissing off RONALD so i got 2 weeks of free coffee. have a great day,dude.


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