Max’s Journal 4/9/2014

By Max R. Weller

Boulder DA files first-degree murder charges following death of Aaron Tuneberg from the Daily Camera. An egregious crime, for which the perps should be hanged in public Wild West-style.

Boulder Froot Loop/Sex Offender Alert. Okay, Boulder PD, it’s time to arrest this clown for the crime of False Reporting . . . Or, introduce Meints to Monroe Newsom, the accused KA-BAR knife-wielding transient:

Monroe Newsom

Monroe Newsom (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

I think Newsom would do a better job of stabbing, than Meints has done on himself thus far.

Only 7 more nights for transients in the emergency overnight dorms at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. After that, no more stoners coming over to my area in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, trying to get me caught up in the CRIME of smoking marijuana in public; no more mentally unbalanced characters wandering around the neighborhood looking for stuff to steal — caught some old chick yesterday afternoon at my campsite; no more fools trashing the facility by deliberately clogging the toilets and scrawling on the walls of stalls with their feces; no more homeless DRAMA, or at least a greatly reduced amount of it, until October. Yippee!

Who says the Confederacy was beaten in 1865? It’s still alive and well in Lexington, MO. Will the last citizen leaving my old hometown please turn out the lights?


Mayor Jerry “Geritol” Brown was re-elected yesterday in Lexington, MO

No jobs, no retail stores catering to everyday needs, no growth, no prospects for an economic recovery, nothing but an ongoing romance with the antebellum Old South — and that dirty word “slavery” is never mentioned. BTW, Brown’s opponent was an African American, who deserves credit for having the courage to run at all.

Decent weather in store, until a chance for snow this weekend, according to the National Weather Service forecast for Boulder, CO.

I’m reading a biography of Margaret Mead by Jane Howard, a book I stumbled upon next to a trash dumpster in my north Boulder neighborhood. I’m surprised to be enjoying it, because I was never a fan of either Mead or anthropology.

Tonight at my campsite: salmon salad with coleslaw on the side.


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