Clueless “advocates” for the homeless, and more

By Max R. Weller


Pickled idjit on Pearl Street (This is Boulder Colorado Facebook photo)

Read the latest silly article from the Daily Camera, Advocates: Boulder’s homeless community ‘rattled’ over 2 deaths. My DC online comment is copied below:

The self-styled advocates for the homeless just don’t get it! Their approach to making Boulder, CO a destination city for transients — despite the facts that it’s colder than heck here for much of the year AND resources are already strained to the limit by Boulder County’s own homeless population — isn’t working, nor can it ever work.

But, the local homeless shelter/services industry (both government agencies and private nonprofits) is just that, an “industry” employing lots of people and dealing with millions and millions of dollars annually. Example: $6 million initially for the 31-unit Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill, next door to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, a collaboration between BSH and Boulder Housing Partners. That’s only 31 homeless people, at $200,000 each; what about the rest of the 748 people on the streets in the City of Boulder according to the 2013 MDHI Point-in-Time Report? There’s no money left to help them . . .

BTW, none of these “advocates” speak for me, nor do I consider myself part of any so-called homeless community in Boulder. I prefer the broader community as a place to make friends and spend my time, which likely explains why I’ve never been cited or arrested for any of the petty offenses so common among transients.

I saw the 400-pound woman transient who ate Boulder yesterday, “flying a sign” at one of the entrances to the King Soopers parking lot on Table Mesa. I didn’t get close enough to read her plea to passersby, but I imagine it was something like this:



I was also told this morning that the KA-BAR knife-wielding transient, currently in Boulder County Jail, was a regular at Bridge House, where he was seeking assistance to obtain ID. I guess if the lunatic had stabbed one of the workers or volunteers there, even a pigheaded do-gooder like Isabel McDevitt would understand that radical changes are in order in re dealing with transients . . .


Hand ’em a bar of soap, and see how quickly they toss it away

From the Denver Post — Governor cuts pot revenue forecast by $20 million. Even the lowered estimate is grossly exaggerated. We’ll be lucky if marijuana revenue is enough to pay for the costs of administrative oversight of the industry and increased law enforcement expenditures due to marijuana-related crime, including murder.

Tonight at my campsite: junk food galore.


2 thoughts on “Clueless “advocates” for the homeless, and more

  1. jason

    but u r homeless,right?u sleep under a tarp in a vacant lot. just bcuz u dont drink alcohol and dont go to these free soup kitchens and such. doesnt mean u r not homeless.i really dont hang out with homeless ppl here in loveland but i sleep in a tent and work at night,so i am homeless. i got to the two soup kitchens here,buy used or go to homeless center 4 stuff bcuz i am trying to save money .as far as, the weed issue, whatever the state doesnt make in taxes will b saved my less non violent drug users in is just time to legalize weed. i c u write all the time about the war on poverty has failed or all this cash wasted on homeless programs . the war on drugs is just as much as a failure,if not more.well have a good night and enjoy this

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      What gripes me is that the worst-behaved transients, who have no ties to Boulder and who create almost all of the problems for everyone else here (including the 80% of other homeless people who aren’t petty criminals or worse), get so much attention from the do-gooders. Why? They’re NOT going to change their ways, and suddenly start respecting themselves, respecting others, and respecting the community. These BUMS make us all look bad, because they’re the ones most in the public eye.

      It’s ridiculous! Send ’em on down the road . . . Or to prison if they’ve committed violent offenses.

      Marijuana is never going to be the cash cow we were promised, and I don’t like public officials lying to us about anything. It remains illegal to smoke it in public, it’s still being bought and sold on the illegal black market, marijuana-related robberies and murders are still happening, etc. Drug abuse is an ongoing problem, and it seems to me to be getting worse every year. Boulder Shelter is full of cannabis addicts, who are just as dysfunctional as the alcoholics. That means they drain resources at taxpayer expense — social services, medical care, etc. — even if they don’t go to jail. Where are the savings?


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