The 400-pound woman transient who ate Boulder, and more

By Max R. Weller

My educated guess is that she’s from Denver . . .

She’s used up all of her allotted 90 nights at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, apparently has no interest in getting into the Transition Program so she could continue to stay as long as nine months, and emergency warming centers operated by BOHO are now using weather-related criteria for opening so she’s mostly out of luck there, too.

Regardless of where she’s from, Denver has a wealth of resources available for homeless women, and that city should be her destination. However, considering both her size and the fact that Boulder has so many venues handing out Free Food, I understand why she continues to loiter in our fair city. Any homeless person taking full advantage of the bounty of calories to be found in Boulder, CO will wind up weighing 400 pounds.

She was riding the SKIP bus this morning, chatting with the bus driver when I boarded it around 7:25AM at the bus stop next to BSH. This stop is the end of the line — and everybody is supposed to get off there — but this particular driver seemed willing to let her ride around for a while, at least. As we headed south on Broadway towards my stop at University, and a nice stroll across the CU campus to Norlin Library, she quickly nodded off.

Only a complete fool would believe that she’s being helped by the do-gooders here. The poor woman is eating herself into an early grave, and even a 400-pounder is at risk sleeping alone on the streets.

Here’s a great Facebook page called This is Boulder Colorado which a friend alerted me to see for myself. Kudos to those responsible for it! See this post:


“Helping the homeless” makes the people of Boulder feel good about themselves. It gives them something to tell their neighbors … “I volunteer to help the homeless” they brag. They collect blankets. They make sandwiches and hand them out on bread lines.

For their part, the homeless collect the sandwiches, walk a block and throw them out in a flower box.

They toss away the blankets, too, after a single use.

But, how do transients feel about the citizens of Boulder, CO and those in authority? A picture tells it best:

Transients are dropping like flies now, according to this article in the Daily Camera. Toxicology results will take quite a while, but I’ll bet a dollar that alcohol and/or other drugs was a contributing factor in these two deaths.

The Hitler Youth, or at least one aspiring latter-day Goebbels, is alive and well and being published in the local newspaper. Read the Guest Opinion, and note the excerpt copied below:

A newspaper should allow every opinion to be heard, but the existence of climate change is not a matter of opinion. It’s a scientific issue, and I assure you, any of the pseudoscientific claims made by deniers can be put down by carefully constructed and thoroughly peer-reviewed scientific explanations. Newspapers can moderate many interesting debates, but a scientific theory has its own process for public scrutiny that need not be obfuscated by the incidental “research” of civilians.

Propagating climate change denial creates apathy where action is desperately needed. I urge the Daily Camera to stop publishing climate-change-denying letters, allowing our society to pull our collective head out of the sand and start building a brighter future.

Dustin Michels is a senior at Fairview High in Boulder, and co-President of the school’s environmental club.

Dustin, it’s all too short a journey from what you advocate as editorial policy to outright censorship. We don’t want to take one step in that direction, nor is it necessary to do so if the Truth is really on your side.

Does anyone living outside of the Boulder Bubble give a flying fig about CU’s Conference on World Affairs? Every Spring, it’s touted as some earth-shaking event by promoters, but what has really come about as a direct result of all the speechifying/debating by talking heads in this forum? (Yawn). And I suspect that locals forget what was said no more than a couple of weeks after the CWA is concluded.

Tonight at my campsite: barbecue pork sandwiches on multigrain bread with kosher dill slices, and Cap’n Crunch for dessert.


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