Transient stabber stayed at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and more

By Max R. Weller

I posted this link yesterday, but have learned some new details from other homeless people at BSH this morning. As it turns out, suspected stabber Monroe Newsom was a guest in the emergency dorms for quite a while this season, and I personally observed his unbalanced behavior on numerous occasions. A couple of times, as I was waiting outside for BSH to open at 6AM, Newsom opened the screened window next to the door (against the rules for guests to communicate with anyone outside) and informed me, “We have just a few minutes left before you can come in.” The second time it happened I replied, “I’ve been coming here [almost] every morning for years, so I know what time it opens; shut the damn window before staff catches you.” I guess I’m lucky that Newsom didn’t stab me . . . This nut would walk around inside the shelter wearing kneepads, of the type used by laborers who kneel for extended periods of time, but as far as I know he never worked anywhere.

I was told by one who spoke to him frequently that Newsom claimed to have been in the military service, and the knife used was a KA-BAR like this one, available for sale to the general public but banned from carry in many jurisdictions due to its blade length:

Seriously, if ANYBODY turns in a knife like this at the front desk during intake at BSH between 5 and 7PM — I’ll presume Newsom did so, as the rules require — why let him in? Hand him the $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver, and tell him to board the SKIP bus right outside and request a regional transfer from the bus driver. Of course, such a weapon is not permitted on board any bus operated by RTD — and presumably Newsom routinely ignored that prohibition.

I hope that my friends who work at Boulder Public Library’s Main Branch nearby will avoid this area:

Police investigate the scene of a reported stabbing beneath the bridge over Boulder Creek at Ninth Street on Wednesday afternoon.

Police investigate the scene of a reported stabbing beneath the bridge over Boulder Creek at Ninth Street on Wednesday afternoon. (Paul Aiken)

I was also told that it was a friend of the stabbing victim who severely beat Newsom, using a skateboard for a makeshift weapon.

Great letter-to-the-editor by Barbara Loren of Lafayette, CO published in the Daily Camera. Copied below in its entirety:

As I walked into the April 1 City Council meeting, a woman asked, “Are you pro dog?” “Yes!” I said. And she handed me a FIDO sticker. “I’m also in favor of the proposed changes to the green tag program.” Bam! The sticker was yanked from my hand with an admonishing glare.

Six years ago, I was on open space walking my dog. An exuberant yellow lab began playing with my dog. When the play got “too” friendly, I asked the guardian to leash her dog. She tried, but the dog was uncontrollable. Then my dog screamed. It never stopped screaming. The lab inadvertently broke many bones in my dog’s body. One month and $6,000 later, my dog died.

FIDO’s narrow definition of “pro-dog” looks like this:

My dog is as entitled and privileged as I am, even if its behavior impinges on you and your dog’s safety.

If you don’t like my dog’s behavior, it’s because you don’t understand dogs (as if all dogs are the same).

My definition of “pro-dog” is this:

Train your dog daily.

Leash your dog by default when another person approaches.

If you gain explicit permission for your dog to play with another dog, go for it!

Leash your dog, by default, when you see wildlife. Don’t wait to call your dog off a chase. You’ll fail.

Forget the cell phone when you’re walking your dog. Your dog deserves your full attention.

If you don’t have the time to attend a class to prove you understand what voice and sight control means, then you probably don’t have the time to train your dog to the extent it needs to be trained to share open space with other dogs. In the mean time, leash your dog when in the presence of unfamiliar dogs and wildlife.

Dropping your well-developed sense of entitlement will allow you to respect all living creatures, not just your own unique dog.

Barbara Loren Lafayette

It’s Friday, so the Alaskan fish fillet sandwiches at King Soopers should be on sale, 2 for $3. I think I’ll stock up before returning to my neighborhood in north Boulder. I need to spread out my camping gear to dry in the sun, and the forecast gentle breeze will help. Then, I’ll pig out on the pollock, with coleslaw on the side.

3 thoughts on “Transient stabber stayed at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and more

  1. Renee

    Hey, Max,

    I was just reading the comments on the DC article about the stabbing and someone posted a link to a Facebook page called “This is Boulder.” People are posting stories and photos of the crap going on around here.

  2. jason

    also, saw 2 teenagers used a baseball bat on a retard 4 his xbox. mayb it isnt the transients. mayb it is just some ppl r fucked up


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