Max’s Journal 4/2/2014

By Max R. Weller

More winter weather on the way for tonight and tomorrow in the 80304 ZIP code, according to the National Weather Service.

I’d be curious how many phone calls Bridge House received in re this April Fool’s Day prank. Not easy to write, since it had to seem halfway plausible . . .

I think sex offender Zachary Meints stabbed himself, in order to gain attention and create sympathy. Quoting from the Daily Camera report:

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the stabbing of sex offender Zachary Meints outside his home Monday afternoon, but investigators do not have any suspects at this time.

Meints, 26, a former Boulder youth hockey coach who admitted to sending thousands of sexual texts and Facebook messages to children younger than 15, was stabbed twice in the back Monday by a masked assailant outside his home at 679 Snowpeak Lane in unincorporated Boulder County, officials said.

With no suspects at this point, Sheriff Joe Pelle said investigators are processing evidence and trying to find witnesses, though at this time there do not appear to be any.

“It’s a difficult case, to be straightforward,” Pelle said.

Meints told investigators he was getting out of his car at 2:30 p.m. Monday when someone came up from behind him and stabbed him in the back before fleeing on foot.

Sheriff’s officials said Meints was transported to Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette. When contacted later in the day Monday, hospital officials said he was not listed as a patient, and both Pelle and sheriff’s Cmdr. Heidi Prentup said Tuesday they did not have any information on Meints’ condition.

Sheriff’s deputies led a search across the neighborhoods surrounding Snowpeak Lane, off Baseline Road west of Lafayette, but were unable to locate the black-clad suspect.

Investigators located a knife Monday, but Prentup said they’re not yet sure whether it was the weapon used in the stabbing.

If it is the weapon used, Meints probably wiped his own fingerprints off it before he tossed it away.

Meints has received no more than a slap on the wrist from the criminal justice system to this point, when he ought to be sharing a prison cell with a guy named Big Bubba. Meints was “grooming” potential victims, and would have progressed to actually assaulting some of them if not for his arrest.

Almost as disturbing as the sex crimes committed by such perverts is the prevailing attitude inside the Boulder Bubble, which tends to make excuses for them and minimizes the trauma suffered by their victims.

I don’t think an attempt was made, but the question arises: is castration by a knife-wielding vigilante appropriate? Legally, no. Morally, who can say? However, if I saw it happening to Zachary Meints I don’t think I’d report it to the police . . .

Remember his face, because there is NO effective treatment for sex offenders:

Zachary Meints outside the Boulder County Jail in December 2011.

Zachary Meints outside the Boulder County Jail in December 2011. (Mark Leffingwell / Daily Camera)

A correct decision by SCOTUS in this case, although the leftists will continue to deny that monetary donations to political candidates is a protected form of Free Speech, subject to minimal restrictions only.

Tonight at my campsite: Frito pie made with canned chili from King Soopers.


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