Max’s Journal 3/27/2014

By Max R. Weller

I’m not sure what that was last night at my campsite, raindrops or sleet pounding on my tarp due to the high winds. I managed to arrange rocks well enough that none of my gear blew away.

I found this item at King Soopers yesterday, discontinued as part of store inventory and marked down from over $6 to just $1.89:

There were very good last night in my burrow, and I hope to grab another box of ’em today before they’re gone forever.

More mindless cheerleading for Housing First (a.k.a. permanent supportive housing) in an article on the Facebook page of Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow. Naturally, I left a comment, copied below:

Here in Boulder, CO the Housing First proponents didn’t even figure in the up-front costs of building the 31 units at 1175 Lee Hill, nor any of the ongoing costs of staffing the facility, nor utilities, nor the cost of lifetime government benefits of different kinds to HF clients, nor lost productivity by people who become permanent dependents of the system — the list goes on. Plus, no INDEPENDENT audit is possible due to HIPAA; the HF advocates can literally make any claim they want, as they’ve been doing all across America, and NOBODY can verify such claims. What we can see suggests that HF isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:…/success-of-karluk-manor-depends.html And what about the hundreds who are left on the streets now? Don’t they count? Are we to forget about them?

Housing First saves taxpayer $$$? Humbug — that’s a Big Lie. What it does do is provide jobs for social workers, case managers, substance abuse and mental health counselors, and many others who therefore have no incentive to help HF clients become independent.

I don’t know what to make of this study, but for those of you who are dedicated runners here it is: ‘Walk away from excess running, researchers say’ from the Kansas City Star. I suspect it’s like the conflicting studies about the effects of drinking coffee, so maybe if you enjoy a single cup of coffee before running, it will work out okay.

Scam alert at N. Broadway & U.S. 36: A longtime panhandler there, after an absence of a few months, returned yesterday in a wheelchair and raked in a lot of donations during the noon hour. He claims to have suffered severe frostbite in both feet this past winter, and indeed one of his alcoholic acquaintances froze to death in the guy’s broken-down RV, but I remain very skeptical. He’s never been one to drink himself into the sort of stupor where he’d pass out and his feet could freeze, but he does smoke as much marijuana as he can lay his hands on every day. And he did walk away from that spot yesterday, pushing his wheelchair, when he was finished. In view of the fact that this guy is one of the homeless people who ripped off FEMA after the Great Flood last September, I’d advise kindhearted passersby to give him nothing but granola bars. He told me the story of taking over $1,000 in flood relief funds from that federal agency (for gear he didn’t actually lose, making it fraud) and partying at a motel in Denver, going so far as to hire a couple of $100/hour hookers for entertainment. BTW, in order to help you identify him, he happens to be the only African-American panhandler you’ll see on this corner in north Boulder.

Look for me there as soon as next week, sporting a New York Rangers cap courtesy of my friend Terzah. In the meantime, I’m wearing a nondescript black cap.

That’s all for now, folks.


3 thoughts on “Max’s Journal 3/27/2014

  1. jason

    SCORE. so do u have access to a microwave b4 u go to campsite or just eat when thawed out? it rain up here last night,so that is what ruffled yr tarp.


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