More drama at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

By Max R. Weller

There are only 21 nights left for transients in the emergency dorms at BSH, with April 15th being the final night for the season, and the emergency warming centers operated by Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow will return to weather-related criteria for opening beginning the night of April 1st.

The bum fights are breaking out all too frequently. On Monday morning, there was a verbal altercation with some rock-throwing outside the facility at 4869 N. Broadway, which moved over to the parking lot of Bustop Gentleman’s Club, before three Boulder PD vehicles (four officers total) rolled up and confronted the methhead from Tennessee who instigated it. The other guy took the opportunity to slip away on the 204 bus. Methhead was so overcome with emotion, he lost all reason and shouted, “I don’t want the cops here, I’ve got 10 pounds of weed in my car!” Methhead’s girlfriend was every bit as excited as he was; at one point, her anger became so great she did a sort of “chicken dance” while yelling at the object of the redneck couple’s hatred. He’s a Juggalo, so perhaps that explains it. Or not.

Then, this morning as I was leaving about 7:25AM, two Boulder PD officers were detaining a 300-pound Denver gangsta chick in the locker room inside BSH, who had apparently come to blows with a homeless man.

Lots of tension in the air, some of it mine. Once again yesterday afternoon, I was pestered as I was standing on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, by some knucklehead wanting to take over my spot. As it happens, this individual is formerly homeless and lives in a Section 8 apartment near downtown Boulder, CO. I told her, “No.” Even if the dipso has been evicted from her place, I have no sympathy for anybody’s self-inflicted problems. And it didn’t help her cause in my eyes when she mentioned the name of Drunk Brian as one of her friends; that loser has been gone, back to Michigan I hear, since before New Year’s. Dipso was at BSH this morning for the Free Breakfast, so maybe she is back on the streets, or she just can’t break the habit of grabbing Free Stuff from all of the venues catering to parasites — with no questions asked. Too bad she didn’t avail herself of the Free Showers with Free Soap, Free Shampoo, and Free Deodorant.

This is what your $$$ go to support, people. I thought it worth mentioning today, because BSH’s big fundraiser is coming up on May 13, 2014.

Oh, how I wish that Boulder could return to a simpler and better time:


Downtown Boulder circa 1890

In those days, troublemakers were run out of town, no apologists/enablers pleading the bums’ case for being allowed to trash our fair city.

Tonight at my campsite: Whatever strikes my fancy from King Soopers on my shopping trip there this morning.


6 thoughts on “More drama at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

  1. jason

    good as far as begging spots, i would think whoever gets there 1st . then the spot is theirs.funny how ppl r all territorial about stuff like i take it that the work crew didnt take yr stuff.also,tried the fish sandwich. very nice. not soggy like some breaded fish can get.well tc

  2. homelessphilosopher Post author

    I’ve never minded sharing a spot with well-behaved panhandlers who won’t ruin it for others, but too many of ’em are just drunk and silly — and NOT even making any $$$ from passersby.

  3. jason

    i was on yahoo and saw the article that said that boulder,co is the 2nd happiest city in the usa. mayb that is the reason 4 all the transients? seeking happiness. kind of funny had the ft collins/loveland/longmont area as no.3.

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Self-reporting is notorious for being unreliable, because people (gasp!) tend to lie.
      Here are the most recent figures available on suicide in Colorado, and it certainly occurs in Boulder:
      Colorado and other states in the Rocky Mountain region have always ranked near the top in number of suicides — regardless of people claiming to be Happy, Happy, Happy . . .


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