Max’s Journal 3/25/2014

By Max R. Weller

My trekking pole, which was given to me way back in October of 2011, seems to be on its last legs; the mechanism which keeps the adjustable segments locked in place has failed, so the end of the pole flops out when I pick it up. Irritating, more than anything, and I suppose I could fix it with duct tape. However, I’m considering getting something like this:

Irish shillelagh

It would be most handy for dealing with bums like the one I encountered yesterday around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, as I was reading in front of the Mexican restaurant in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. This idiot, who was intoxicated and bore the marks of a losing fight on his face, came up and asked me, “Is the shelter still open?” I said it was, knowing he meant Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, at 5PM. He decided to lie down right next to the mailboxes for all of the businesses in that small commercial district, in plain view of passersby, and take a nap. I told him the business owners would call the sheriff’s office, and he needed to get up and leave. I’d NEVER seen this clown before, but somehow he found his way to our fair city. Who can say why he came here? ‘Tis a mystery, and he ought to be beaten some more, as far as I’m concerned.

I saw another bunch of ne’er-do-wells in the neighborhood about the same time: the Boulder County Jail work crew, who stole all of my camping gear and food back in December during my daytime absence from the area. This time, they were cleaning out Silver Lake Ditch across U.S. 36 on Railroad Man’s property; I used to camp right next to it, and the sound of water for irrigation running by was both cooling and a soporific in the summertime. I’ll try to return to my campsite as quickly as I can today, to make sure the work crew doesn’t repeat its thievery. You’d think that the BCSO deputies supervising these jail inmates would do a better job, but they don’t.

There isn’t much that shocks me in re politics these days, but I have to admit that this one about floored me:


Valoree is a classmate of mine from Lexington, MO — and she served as City Attorney there at the same time I was a City Councilman. (Read the page above entitled “How I Learned To Hate Politics” if you want to know what that experience was like for me). Anyway, Ms. Maycock was married to a man named Robert Long; as manager of it, he had embezzled hundreds-of-thousands of dollar from the privately-owned water utility in our small town, and after being fired was passing along proprietary info to city officials who wanted to acquire the water company by hostile means involving condemnation proceedings. Only a tiny portion of Long’s ill-gotten gains were recovered, after he lost a civil lawsuit and pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges of bank fraud. It wouldn’t surprise me if Long still has $$$ in a Swiss or Cayman Islands bank account. Now, Long’s wife (I’ll presume they’re still together) wants to be elected as circuit court judge?

The word for it is “chutzpah” — but being both pretty AND smart, Valoree has always gotten whatever she wanted . . . I’m embarrassed to admit it now, but I had a huge crush on the girl when we were just 13 years of age.

BTW, Long was sentenced to only six months in a federal halfway house in Kansas City, MO and five years of probation.

Looks like the Obama administration is so desperate to divert people’s attention away from the failure of [WhodunitCare], with midterm elections a little over seven months away, that they embrace the appearance of impotence in the face of President Putin’s bold strokes in Ukraine.

I’ve eaten so many of King Soopers’ Alaskan fish fillet sandwiches lately I should be able to breathe underwater by now, but even so I’m having more for lunch in a couple of hours.

Hope those jail inmates have left my stuff alone . . .


3 thoughts on “Max’s Journal 3/25/2014

  1. jason

    these fish sandwiches r they fried or grilled?do they come with tartar,lettuce,tomato on or r they plain?if plain ,does king sooper have tartar packets?sucks ppl got fuck with ppl shit.dude here in loveland had all is blankets and such took by more than likely city workers. in florida, shit like that is just a pain in the ass but here it could b a death sentence. if u think that the shelters here dont open unless 20 or below. in florida ,they open at 38 degree.that is y i use to always have a sheet or thin blanket in my backpack. u never know

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Breaded, deep-fried Alaskan pollock fillets on a Kaiser roll with a slice of American cheese. I buy my own bottle of tartar sauce, which seems to keep well in the cold outside (a lot of vinegar in it, anyway, which keeps the bacteria at bay).


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