Ban alcohol sales to chronic inebriates (including Housing First clients), and more

By Max R. Weller

Read ‘Fairview group proposes banning alcohol sales to city’s biggest problem drinkers’ from the Anchorage Daily News. Quoting from the article below:

Problem drinkers who drain city services and habitually wind up in jail would be banned from buying alcohol within Anchorage city limits under a new proposal by Fairview businesses.

Members of the Fairview Business Association pitched the idea to lawmakers this week in Juneau, where the Legislature is writing the state spending plan. It would cost $5 million dollars over three years, the group said, including treatment help for alcoholics.

The proposal calls for Anchorage police to identify the chronic, problem drinkers who are most likely to be placed in the city sleep-off center because they are too drunk to take care of themselves, are arrested for trespassing or charged with other frequent alcohol-related crimes. 

As many as 200 people who met the criteria, which is still being determined, would be placed on a list and not allowed to buy alcohol at stores and bars.

“It’s almost the same criteria that they use to fill Karluk Manor,” said association board member Heidi Heinrich. 

Heinrich co-manages the Lucky Wishbone on 5th Avenue. The longtime fried chicken and burger house sits across the street from Karluk Manor, which was the first “Housing First” home for chronic alcoholics in Alaska. Karluk Manor resident Gregory Jack, 59, was found dead outdoors Thursday morning, yards from the restaurant. Police have said there were no obvious signs of foul play.

(Read more about Karluk Manor, a model for Boulder, CO’s own Housing first project at 1175 Lee Hill, here).

Continuing excerpt:

. . . the no-sell list proposal is based on a similar effort launched in Green Bay in the mid-1990s. The idea of forbidding people from buying alcohol is sure to raise questions of personal rights and constitutionality. 

“The American Civil Liberties Union protested the (Green Bay) list, arguing that denying people legal goods changed their legal and social status,” the Wisconsin State Journal reported in 2009. “But Green Bay continued the policy, saying it is supported in state law, which bans alcohol distribution to ‘known habitual drunkards.'”

In Janesville, Wisc., anyone who has three or more alcohol-related incidents that result in a police call within a six-month period is placed on a “no-serve” list for bars and liquor stores, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. People can protest placement on the list to a city alcohol license advisory committee.

The Fairview association is still determining what, if any, changes to state or city law would be necessary to create a “no-sell” list for alcohol in Anchorage. 

This is a brilliant idea! It would surely make Boulder’s apologists/enablers for the worst-behaved homeless people HOWL, but so what? Their inappropriate compassion keeps chronic alcoholics on the path to an early grave.

Of course, there are some who would purchase alcohol at the request of those banned from doing so — but this is already the case with bums who are 86ed for the day from retail liquor stores here due to being pickled. (I hope there’s a special place in Hell reserved for such enablers). But, with a permanent ban in effect, I think the drunks would quickly run out of “friends” willing to run to the liquor store every day on their behalf.

AND, we must realize that it’s not only homeless problem drinkers who should be on a NO SALE list:

Zoey Ripple (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)

George Boedecker (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)


You may recall that I’ve referred to myself as “the poorest man in Boulder” several times, because I don’t receive any government benefits nor do I travel around to all of the nonprofit venues which are giving away Free Stuff to anyone, no questions asked. I do visit Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for my morning shower and to maintain a small locker with a change of clothes, but if it closed tomorrow I’d easily make other arrangements.

I mention the fact of my poverty again, due to my befuddlement with bums who are much better off than me $$$-wise asking for my instant coffee at BSH, or a bite of my lunch of refried beans as I’m sitting along the wall in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. WTF? Lazy, good-for-nothing parasites who spend their monthly benefits from Uncle Sugar on cigarettes, booze, and dope expect ME to share my coffee and my beans?

Made with lard for extra flavor!

It ain’t happening . . . What little I have is MINE. Take your worthless butts back to Denver, or wherever you came from before you showed up in our fair city!


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