Response from Boulder PD in re N. Broadway & U.S. 36, and more

By Max R. Weller

E-mail reply copied below in its entirety:

Mr. Weller,

Deputy Chief Testa forwarded your complaint to me and asked that I investigate it and respond to you.  Sgt. Dowd talked with Ofc. Patterson and learned that she and her trainee did contact a male in the median near U.S. 36 and Broadway.  No summons was issued, and the mail (sic) was advised of the state law regarding standing in a median.  Ofc. Patterson received verbal counseling, reminding her to make sure that she was inside the City limits when making contacts.  Also, an e-mail was sent department wide reminding all officers to check their jurisdiction map when making contacts or conducting enforcement.  If you have any further concerns about this issue please contact me.

 Thank You for your correspondence,

Commander Jack Walker

Other than Shouting Joe from St. Louis fibbing to me about being ticketed (my bad for taking him at his word without seeing the actual citation), this situation has served to clear the air and I can look forward now to playing the role of humble beggar at this spot, without interference from wayward city police officers . . .

Spring is here and homeless romance is in bloom. Here’s a guy looking for love:

Richard Grant

Denver King, recently “divorced”

He showed up a couple of days ago in my neighborhood of north Boulder, after an absence of a few months. I was feeling so happy about being rid of Drunk Brian, apparently gone back to Michigan, then Denver King comes up N. Broadway on a bicycle towing the kiddie trailer in which he stores his junk. He panhandled for a while (before Shouting Joe was contacted by the city cops), then came over to where I was sitting in the 4900 block and started telling me his life story, while blowing cigarette and marijuana smoke in my direction, AND holding an open container of beer. It was the usual bull****; he’s been suffering from lung cancer for the past 17 years, he’s now 48 years of age (Boulder County Jail records show him as 38), etc. At least he isn’t claiming to be a Marine veteran of the 1991 Gulf War (fought when Denver King was only 15) any longer. As to his “divorce” — this is what dating couples in the Real World call breaking up. Homeless people define shacking up as “marriage” so there is a sort of consistency in their abuse of words.

The National Weather Service is predicting a snowy weekend, beginning tonight with 1 to 3 inches of the white stuff. The Homeless Philosopher, of course, takes it all in stride. The transients may be pansies, and too wasted to care for themselves, but those of us who are SOBER do okay.

Longmont police arrest 6 in raid of ‘nuisance house’ from the Times-Call. Time to start up the bulldozer and level this dump:

Longmont Police arrest Silverio Nuanez, 74, the owner of the house at 330 Collyer St., after serving a search warrant there Thursday, March 20.

Longmont Police arrest Silverio Nuanez, 74, the owner of the house at 330 Collyer St., after serving a search warrant there Thursday, March 20. (Matthew Jonas / Longmont Times-Call)

I’m hoping this case will set a precedent enabling Boulder city authorities to condemn the transient magnet at 1120 1/2 Pine known as Bridge House. Any homeless person who wants to buy dope knows that it is available at our fair city’s so-called day center. It doesn’t matter who the executive director is, either; these do-gooders are all ENABLERS.

Further confirmation that the mentally ill flock to Colorado, from the Unalaska Police Blotter:

03/04/14 Tue 1900 Welfare Check – A disturbed woman who lived in this community decades ago phoned police to report that she felt ill and was thinking of harming herself. Local police in Colorado, who are now quite familiar with the woman, advised they were attempting to take her into custody.      

That’s all for now, folks.      


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