E-mail to Boulder City Council and City Manager

Copied below in its entirety:

To Whom It May Concern:
> Yesterday, 3/19/2014, at about 4PM I observed two Boulder PD officers approach a man who was standing in the median (he was not in need of any assistance) at the intersection of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 — outside of the Boulder city limits. The man was cited for a panhandling-related municipal offense by Officer Patterson (female), who was accompanied by an unidentified male officer.
> In addition to the City’s own map of the area, showing it to be outside the city boundaries, I have witnessed Boulder County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Colorado State Patrol troopers handling calls of any nature which come from this location for many years now.
> Unfortunately, there are occasionally city police officers who want to make contact with citizens here, apparently in the mistaken belief that it’s a part of their jurisdiction. This has happened to me more than once, and I’ve even complained to Boulder PD’s Professional Standards Unit. Last time I did so, the matter was referred to then Deputy Chief of Operations Greg Testa, who assured me in his e-mail reply that my view was in fact correct; he added that city officers would be reminded of their jurisdictional limits in the area of N. Broadway & U.S. 36. I would have forwarded his e-mail to you, but my previous account (mweller1956@hotmail.com) was hacked in 2012 and I no longer have access to it; the police, however, may still have it in their e-mail records. Obviously, a few city officers still haven’t gotten the message.
> Frankly, leaving their jurisdiction to contact citizens under the color of law is a serious matter that should not be permitted — we don’t need more Sam Carter-type officers taking matters into their own hands.
> BCSO deputies and Colorado State Patrol troopers have indicated to me and others on numerous occasions that they have no concern about people “flying a sign” in the median at this location outside of the Boulder city limits. In any case, it’s no business of Boulder PD.
> I will also be submitting a complaint to the Professional Standards Unit once again, but want City Council members and the City manager to be aware of it.
> In general, I support Boulder PD and have found them to be both competent and courteous most of the time. This is the exception.
> Thank you in advance for your prompt response to my concern.
Max R. Weller
4869 N. Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 442-4646 messages

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