St. Patrick’s Day Journal 2014

By Max R. Weller


St. Patrick

My maternal ancestors founded the City of Dublin; they were Vikings, of course.

Want to know how worthless this program at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless really is? This morning, as I waited outside for the pigsty to open at 6AM, I was joined by two program residents who had apparently been AWOL overnight. I listened to their conversation. They both admitted to having been intoxicated last night; one went on to talk about partying in Central Park with other homeless people there, shoplifting and guzzling a bottle of booze, joyriding in an apparently stolen vehicle with local teenagers, and moving on to Pearl Street Mall where he couldn’t recall exactly what sort of mischief he was involved in perpetrating.

Remember, you generous donors to BSH, this is what the crooks are touting as something you should support with your $$$ (tax-deductible, of course). I tell you the wrongdoing described above is typical of what goes on, and some of the faces I first saw in this “nine month” program back in 2008 have recycled through it again and again with nothing gained. BSH’s Transition Program is a dead end, nothing more. The few who do make it into subsidized housing wind up being evicted in a short time, because they won’t behave themselves in that setting, either.

BTW, the guy pictured on the BSH website linked to above is a registered sex offender. See for yourself by scrolling down to page 19 of Boulder PD’s online list. Also note how many of these perverts in our fair city are homeless (4869 N. Broadway is BSH) — it’s shocking! Most are transients with no ties to Boulder, CO.


I suggest that you switch your financial support to a worthy local nonprofit like Attention Homes or Emergency Family Assistance Association.

King Soopers is once again offering filet of fish sandwiches for $1.99 apiece. I usually shop there too early, before these delicacies are available in the deli section beginning around 10AM, but today I hope to grab a couple. Must have something to do with Lent, but it’s no sacrifice to my taste buds to eat fish like this.

I still have my fingers crossed about the NoBo Corner Library, due to open March 31st. This would be such a blessing for the Homeless Philosopher, if only it isn’t overrun by the bums.

That’s all for now.


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