Max’s (soggy) Journal 3/7/2014

By Max R. Weller

Days and nights with a rain/snow mix and temps hovering around the freezing mark are the biggest challenge for me as a homeless camper. It’s impossible to keep gear dry in these slushy conditions; water seems to sneak in around the edges of my tarp, in addition to the normal condensation which forms on the inside of it. When one gets wet, it becomes more difficult to stay warm. I’d much rather it be 5 degrees with several inches of snowfall on the way . . .

I found discounted apple fritters at King Soopers this morning, and I ate of couple of these tasty treats with my instant coffee as I stood outside the west entrance to Norlin Library around 9 o’clock. A bag of potato chips and Vienna sausages will be my dinner when I crawl into my burrow this afternoon.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m agnostic at present, being bored to tears by any theological discussions. However, in solidarity with my friends who are practicing Christians observing Lent, I have decided to share in their self-denial by giving up green vegetables and whole grains for the duration.

Here’s a thought: BEFORE the City of Boulder hands out any more taxpayer dollars to local nonprofits like Bridge House, current city staff should conduct a performance audit to determine whether or not the money spent actually produces positive long-term benefits for homeless clients.

Many apologists/enablers of the worst-behaved transients from Denver and elsewhere want you to believe that homeless families with kids are no more entitled to assistance from government agencies and private nonprofits than the bums they favor. Consider the two photos below:

Homeless family


Bums lounging in Central Park

Who do you think should be given TOP PRIORITY for available shelter/services in Boulder, CO? I’m not without compassion for transients (or “travelers” or Rainbow Family members or whatever else they may choose to call themselves) — I’d be all for handing out the $5 bus tickets on RTD back to Denver along with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to-go. But, let’s spend the bulk of resources to benefit homeless families like the one pictured above.

After a lengthy absence, I returned to the role of humble beggar at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 yesterday between 11AM and 1:30PM. Kind of slow money-wise, but this location has a great view of the countryside in all directions, so it’s always a pleasure in good weather. Once again, it proved to be blue-collar workers who were most generous . . .

Today’s political comment, downloaded from the Facebook page of President Putin:


ROTFL . . . The alternative would be to cry, so I’d rather laugh at our current administration.

That’s all for now, folks.


One thought on “Max’s (soggy) Journal 3/7/2014

  1. jason

    true, i hear ya.snow is so much better.the bike paths here r like ice rinks from the rain/snow.lucky today it is sunny and 60s.can sit outside and work on my tan.well have a great weekend,bro


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