An eyewitness account, crooked nonprofits, and more

By Max R. Weller

See: ‘Thirteen Hours with the Homeless Philosopher’ by Terzah Becker, originally published on 8/19/2013.

Also read “Bowling for Bums: My Life as a Charity Whore” — an excerpt by A. Price, first published here on 12/27/2013.

Finally, revisit my own commentary ‘A cozy financial arrangement’ which appeared on my blog on 9/7/2013:


Joy Eckstine and Jim Budd circa 2009

A lot of Boulderites are pigheaded and ignorant in re homelessness, but they cling to a Feel Good approach which supports the corrupt status quo of a homeless shelter/services industry (comprised of government agencies and private nonprofits exempt from taxation) that has NO incentive to end homelessness, their claims to the contrary notwithstanding.

Want to provide emergency shelter for all single adult homeless people on the streets in Boulder, CO? It could be done, and quickly, for a fraction of the $$$ currently being spent. Here are two approaches to tiny houses for the homeless:

1) ‘Tiny House Eco Village for the Homeless’

2) ‘Tiny Coroplast House’

Option #1 would seem to fit right in with Boulder’s “green” attitudes.

Option #2 is a means for survival in the harshest weather, one that would suit me, despite its lack of amenities. I could pay for the materials myself, and build it — if only there were a place to put it. Hmmm . . . I bet that large lot at 1175 Lee Hill, where a 31-unit Housing First apartment complex of just 31 units is now under construction at an initial cost of over $6 million, might have held 200 or more of these tiny coroplast houses, and residents could have made use of the showers and other services right next door at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.

It will NEVER happen so long as the current bunch of leaders in the local shelter/services industry remains committed to grandiose big money projects, rather than homeless people themselves.

Is it any wonder I’ve grown short-tempered with clueless individuals who want to lecture ME about homelessness? Then, unable to refute the facts I present, they shift to personal attacks which are irrelevant to the subject being debated.

Whatever else Boulder, CO may be — it isn’t America’s Smartest City. A lot of people here embrace their ignorance, which leads directly to the travesty of compassion we see all around us.

That’s all for now.


2 thoughts on “An eyewitness account, crooked nonprofits, and more

  1. Greg L.

    I think this morning’s (3/6/14) front-page Camera article on cracking down on transients says it all. A woman, against stiffer penalties for the bums and layabouts, was quoted that she liked having them around so her daughter could see less fortunate people. So that’s what Boulder’s transients have become: zoo animals for the guilty liberals.

  2. A Price

    Thanks for the book plug-

    The tiny house movement looks incredible- watch them get turned into “studios” for hipsters around the country!


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