More from the exciting life of the Homeless Philosopher

By Max R. Weller

Many newspapers around the country now require a Facebook login in order for a reader to comment online, following any report or feature. Facebook, of course, does a much better job in reviewing and deleting inappropriate comments and they will boot repeat offenders from FB altogether.

Clearly, Prairie Mountain Publishing — parent company of the Daily Camera and other local newspapers — would better serve their online readers by making the switch. Yes, I have a personal interest here. Judge for yourself by reading the obsessive (and mostly untrue) comments from this nut calling himself “mstdye” (and formerly known as “bndr”). You’ll notice he frequently uses my name, or otherwise identifies me.

Complaining to the DC’s website administrator is usually a waste of time. Facebook would be much more capable of policing the online Froot Loops.

No, I have no desire to meet the real mstdye/bndr; I try to avoid stomping the crap out of people, because I have no desire to be incarcerated again. Given the timing of his first comments on the DC website, I think it likely that this nut is one of the registered sex offenders I blogged about in early 2010, and that would also explain why he continues to hold a grudge four years later.

The best way to start my day occurred this morning as I arrived at CU’s Norlin Library: an attractive brunette coed in yoga pants held the door open for me.

Coming soon, for better or worse, to the corner of N. Broadway & Yarmouth:


NoBo Corner Library

This would be so convenient for me, but I’m afraid the tiny facility will be overrun by the same sort of worst-behaved transients we find at the Main Branch Library, 1001 Arapahoe. Consider that both Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and the new Housing First apartment project for street drunks are just a couple of blocks away. Red’s Liquor, the go-to source for rotgut vodka, is even closer.

This is too good not to pass along: “People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans.” — Sarah Palin

Well, Sarah, even a blind squirrel can stumble upon an acorn every so often, and you’re spot-on with this comment.

That’s all for now.


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