Frostbite Falls, a.k.a. Boulder, CO

By Max R. Weller

According to the National Weather Service, it’s 10 degrees in Boulder as of 10:21AM. I guessed it was a bit chilly when I crawled out from my burrow this morning around 5:10, then when I heard my frozen toes clattering on the tile floor as I walked into the showers at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless I knew for certain. No matter; it’s the three middle toes on my right foot — as long as one retains the great toe and little toe it will be okay. I’ll just snip off the trio of affected digits with a pair of scissors, if they don’t return to normal in a few days.

(Remember, it’s just 30 more days until April Fool’s).

It was easy to tell who takes their studies more seriously at CU on this Sunday morning: there were two male students and eight coeds waiting for Norlin Library to open at 10, along with the Homeless Philosopher.

Who is the bigger wimp, President Obama or Secretary of State Kerry? They’re both idiots, that much should be obvious, and their level of incompetence matches that of George W. Bush. In the Russia vs. Ukraine conflict, NOBODY is wearing a white hat; everybody is corrupt. In any case, Ukraine is NOT our concern. It’s not as if President Putin is telling America how to deal with Mexico, after all — apparently, he still understands the concept of “spheres of influence” belonging to the rival superpowers.

Dumb and Dumber

Nothing to do but play online chess until about 2PM, when I’ll return to my campsite in north Boulder and crawl into my cozy home. You know, a few more inches of snow would actually be better because it’s good insulation. The NWS claims it will be in the 50s by tomorrow, anyway.

Johnsonville Stadium Brats (pork, of course) for dinner tonight, on multigrain bread with hot/sweet mustard.

3 thoughts on “Frostbite Falls, a.k.a. Boulder, CO

  1. Terzah

    Glad you were joking about those toes. Dan and I were thinking of you this morning. Taking advantage of his mom’s babysitting, we went for a walk and almost froze our own toes. Stay warm!!

  2. jason

    toes r a luxury, now fingers r different.lmao.suppose to warm up. ole campsite been holding up. no strangers.not even cops.well have a good 1


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