Max’s Journal 3/1/2014

By Max R. Weller

STFU, President Obama! Ukraine is clearly in the Russian “sphere of influence” and it’s NOT our concern. I wonder, could our feckless leader even find Ukraine on a map?


President Putin is still laughing at Obama’s impotent criticism of discrimination against gays in Russia — now Obama wants to up the ante?

There was a bit of sleet on my tarp when I got up at 5:10AM, then the ice fog came rolling in from the northeast as I waited outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. By the time I left the filthy pigsty, it was snowing. The National Weather Service predicts a low of 7 degrees overnight: I’ll stay here at Norlin Library until it’s late enough this afternoon for me to return to my campsite and crawl into my burrow. I have potato salad and vienna sausages I bought earlier today at King Soopers on Table Mesa to snack on, so I’ll be okay.

One of the most surprising things to me about Colorado is the inability of people and their local governments to deal with snowfall. It’s as if they see no alternative to surrendering to the elements — snowplows are sent out too late to do much good (if they’re sent out at all), residents and business owners are just damn lazy about shoveling sidewalks, and almost all drivers are going too fast for the conditions. Hell, it snows back in Missouri and folks there know how to deal with it promptly and effectively. The Boulder, CO method of sitting on your butt and waiting for the sunshine to melt the snow and ice is about what we can expect from the Most Stoned City in America.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is the biggest liar of all, next to the POTUS. [WhodunitCare] is a total disaster for millions of people, NO LIE, and for the poorest citizens like me the only option remains Medicaid. The Democrats have taken one of the worst health care systems among First World nations and made it even more dysfunctional! [WhodunitCare] is an unholy alliance between government bureaucrats lusting for more power and private insurers lusting for more profits — what’s best for physicians and patients isn’t even being considered. Make the Dems pay at the polls in November, 2014.

At some point, we’ll come around to a health care system like the one in Sweden. Probably NOT in my lifetime, however.

I don’t understand the criticism of iconic Barbie as an alternative cover model. Certainly, her pose is more tasteful than that of the three half-nekkid models I see on Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue for 2014 when I walk down the magazine aisle at the local grocery store:

That’s all for now.


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