Boulder Shelter for the Homeless: a filthy pigsty!

By Max R. Weller

All of you folks who have donated to this nonprofit, as well as others who have taken a guided tour of it when the transients are gone for the day, should have seen the state of this relatively new multimillion dollar facility at 4869 N. Broadway in Boulder, CO this morning. Believe me, if I owned any device capable of taking photos I would have done so and posted them here, bearing in mind that one picture is worth a thousand words. I doubt very much that executive director Greg Harms ever sees what I do in the men’s restrooms and shower area at BSH — clogged, overflowing toilets; used towels piled up on the floor just a short distance away from the laundry carts where they belong; water and hair all over the lavatories, along with spilled coffee, shaving cream, and other unidentifiable substances; dirty floors which seem not to have been swept and mopped in many days. Indeed, if ignorance is bliss then Mr. Harms must be one happy-go-lucky son of a gun. The word “bums” doesn’t do justice to the individuals responsible for trashing the shelter they depend on for their allotted 90 nights during the wintertime. “Scumbags” is perhaps more fitting. I stood there waiting for my chance to use one of the only two toilets in working order, and cussed out the transients in no uncertain terms; I suggested that they should either get the hell out of Boulder or jump off a cliff . . . I meant it sincerely, too, True, after a slip-and-fall in the shower where my bad hip bore the brunt of it, I was in a lot of pain (and still am), but any reasonable person would have been very angry at the deliberate trashing of an otherwise excellent facility by sociopathic deviants. The staff who look the other way aren’t much better, and Mr. Harms makes over $90,000 per year in salary and benefits for pretending that everything at BSH is up to par. What a faker!

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Just keep the $$$ flowing into this nonprofit’s coffers. 

I propose a different course: STOP donating to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. STOP enabling the bad behavior of transients who have no ties to Boulder, CO. STOP feeding them, STOP clothing them, STOP handing out blankets and sleeping bags, STOP all of the activities which are a travesty of compassion for scumbags who choose to foul their own nest. Frankly, I’d like to take any one of the apologists/enablers by the scruff of the neck and rub his/her nose in the disgusting filth left behind by their precious little homeless souls. Stupid, stupid people — because you Feel Good about yourself doesn’t mean that you Do Good. Far from it . . . Whew! I feel much better now.


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