Max’s Journal 2/23/2014

By Max R. Weller

A light dusting of snow overnight, but no wind to complain about, so it was a comfortable rest in my burrow — until it was time to get up and wait outside of Boulder Shelter for Homeless, which opens at 6AM. More of that wickedly cold ice fog was blowing across the Bustop Gentleman’s Club parking lot, and it seems to cut right through one’s clothing. The National Weather Service is calling for a high of 45 degrees in Boulder, CO this afternoon . . . I think they’re way off, but we shall see.

Thank goodness CU’s Norlin Library opened at 10 this morning. I didn’t have long to wait after my trip down to King Soopers on Table Mesa to buy my humble breakfast: white corn tortilla chips and a can of “traditional” frijoles refritos made with LARD (much tastier than the vegetarian variety). I also drank instant coffee from my Thermos outside the west entrance to Norlin — which had almost no cigarette butts scattered about. Quite a change from a year or two ago, when the place looked like a rundown flophouse and overgrown delinquents would fire up their cancer sticks, right under the NO SMOKING signs posted there.

I still have Nathan’s Famous beef hot dogs left over from yesterday, with ketchup and sweet relish and some multigrain bread for dinner tonight. Perhaps canned chili, too, if the mood strikes me.

‘Shroom Boy (a.k.a. Seth Brigham) left another comment on my blog, in which he griped about a lack of Free Speech here. Hey, stupid! Get your own blog and say anything you like; I’m certainly NOT obligated to provide a forum for the mentally ill, and I refuse to do so.


Seth Brigham

The Facebook photo above provided for the purpose of identification as a public service, in case the Froot Loop exposes himself to you (an offense for which he’s currently on probation in Boulder, CO). He has threatened to return to our fair city; who knows why? He might be a serial weenie waver.

Well, I hope all of the whining little [rhymes with “witches”] in the news media survived their assignments at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. No, I don’t — why lie? I really hope that many of ’em got mugged by Russian gangsters and/or suffered alcohol poisoning from rotgut vodka, as well as being chewed on by bedbugs . . .

BTW, ‘Russia clinches medals title’ from the Kansas City Star.

I notice that there are some good blankets available in the front office at BSH. It wouldn’t hurt if I had a couple more for these windy nights, but I expect I’ll find some in the bushes and ditches in the neighborhood, and will pick up what I need that way. Many bums just use a blanket once and then toss it away, apparently feeling entitled to a limitless supply for their convenience.

Political comment for today:


That’s all for now, folks.


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