Seth Brigham and transients

By Max R. Weller

The only reason I mention good ol’ Seth, who has apparently been in Rhode Island for many moons since leaving our fair city, is because the yahoo is leaving comments on my blog — which will never be published. Bridge House has lots of fans, Seth being one of ’em, and they all will LIE on behalf of that transient magnet, as well as attacking the Homeless Philosopher who is simply telling it like it is. ‘Shroom Boy is wasting his time, but it’s his to waste given his trust fund and monthly disability benefits for mental illness. I wonder how Seth’s ex-boyfriend, the braying jackass Jann Scott, is doing these days; I haven’t noticed that he’s still interested in homelessness here in Boulder, CO (not that I follow his website). There was a time when Jann would cruise the streets in winter, looking for vulnerable homeless men to pick up and take home to his garage . . .

What a disaster area the men’s restrooms/showers were this morning at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — used towels left in a heap on the floor, because the bums are too lazy to put them into the laundry cart about 15′ away from the shower area; only one toilet in working order, the rest having been deliberately stuffed with toilet paper and overflowing with urine and feces; water splashed all over the lavatories; etc. These worthless transients seem to be intent on trashing BSH in much the same way they trash Central Park, and I suppose this is their passive-aggressive way of giving society the finger. But, it’s other homeless people who are inconvenienced by such misbehavior, NOT the wealthy folks ensconced in McMansions up in the Foothills. The transients aren’t very bright, fouling their own facility as they do . . .


I’ll never be a slave to the homeless shelter/services industry.

High winds overnight, but rocks placed at the corners of my tarp managed to keep everything in place. It must be pointed out, however, that 40mph gusts and even stronger do tend to blow away all of the heat trapped inside my burrow. It was rather chilly by the time I got up at 5:15AM. As I waited for BSH to open at 6 there were light flurries, and more of the same when I left there at 7:30AM.

I decided to buy a quality brand of instant coffee, instead of the cheapest on the shelf at King Soopers. I could afford it, thanks to the generosity of my friends, so why not treat myself? I fill my Thermos, drink half of it before leaving the lowdown filthy shelter, and enjoy the rest later on as I sit on the wall next to the sidewalk in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. And I bought a huge bag of peanut M&Ms, also as a treat to ME. Br’er Fox ain’t getting a one!

That’s all for now, folks . . .


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