Max’s Journal 2/20/2014

By Max R. Weller

I’ve slept comfortably outdoors the past two nights. I arrange my 9′ x 12′ tarp so it’s a sandwich, with my sleeping bag and other gear inside, and I can stay warm and dry regardless of the weather outside my burrow. BTW, I didn’t lose my red camp pillow as I’d feared — it was in the field nearby, and I spotted it when my friend dropped me off on Tuesday morning. Br’er Fox is still to blame, I’m certain; I’m sleeping on a pillow covered with animal slobbers.

I hate the high winds here (and precipitation in any form) when I’m sitting on the wall along the sidewalk in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, and trying to read a book. Currently, it’s “Great Expectations” by Dickens, and I breezed through the first hundred pages yesterday. Only disturbed a couple of times by Shouting Joe from St. Louis asking where I’d been the past three weeks (recuperating from the Denver Crud indoors) and some other transient I don’t know looking for a MMJ dispensary (I’m not a stoner, so I couldn’t help him).

More new faces at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, but the same old conversations about where to get Free Stuff in Boulder, CO. I’m so glad to NOT be mixed up in that degraded bum lifestyle!

Drunk Brian, one of the inebriates I’ve often mentioned who panhandled at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 and caused all sorts of problems in the neighborhood there, is apparently gone permanently. I’m told he returned to his home state of Michigan before New Year’s, and this is indeed Good News. The pickled idjit was always inviting some of the worst-behaved bums to come up to north Boulder and party — I recall many occasions when one or two or even a half dozen would pass out drunk on the nicely landscaped property belonging to the Dakota Ridge HOA. Without Drunk Brian around, there should be much less drama and stupid behavior in general.

Very quiet in CU’s Norlin Library this morning.

Heading down to King Soopers now, then back to north Boulder . . .


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