Another silly editorial from the Daily Camera

By Max R. Weller

Read ‘Targeting the homeless’ by Erika Stutzman. My response follows:

LOL, “loitering associates” — you mean TRANSIENTS, Erika, who have no ties to Boulder and no respect for themselves or anybody else? The same TRANSIENTS who prey on other homeless people who are vulnerable, including the mentally ill who are forced onto the streets because the ACLU thinks that’s more appropriate than providing a group home with 24/7 supervision?

It’s NOT a question of “good” homeless people or “bad” homeless people — it’s a matter of the individual’s BEHAVIOR. That’s equally true for all citizens.

Giving a transient (defined as somebody lacking valid photo ID showing a Boulder County address) the OPTION of getting on the RTD bus to Denver IN LIEU OF being ticketed or arrested for a petty offense is ordinary common sense. Based on my firsthand observations over the course of living in Boulder for six years now, I can confidently state that most transients would prefer leaving town to a court appearance or dodging a bench warrant for Failure to Appear. Almost NOBODY I know actually wants to go to jail (rehab for substance abuse is a different story; that’s regarded as a vacation by many).

Forget Macon Cowles. Like so many others in positions of authority here — or in the news media — he manages to muddy the waters.

BTW, Boulder, CO has more resources for the homeless than most other cities in America, but sheer numbers of TRANSIENTS are overwhelming the system to the detriment of Boulder County’s own homeless people (including families with kids).

Boulder is NOT in a position to solve the world’s problems, in re homelessness or any other issue.



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