Boulder City Council discusses worst-behaved transients

By Max R. Weller


See the report in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

Boulder could restore jail time for some petty offenses, place more restrictions on where people can panhandle, issue exclusion orders for repeat offenders on the municipal campus and close off the Glen Huntington Bandshell in Central Park.

At a Boulder City Council study session Tuesday night on “social misbehavior,” council members expressed broad support for a suite of measures designed to make the municipal campus, Central Park and the Boulder Public Library less appealing to the people — many of them homeless — who hang out there all day and more accessible to the general public.

Council members didn’t take any votes, but they told City Attorney Tom Carr they support measures already under way to keep repeat offenders in jail longer if their offenses occur in “high-impact areas” like the Pearl Street Mall and the municipal campus.

Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner said officers already are noticing a difference with the policy, which was implemented at the beginning of the year. Defendants charged with crimes on the municipal campus aren’t showing up at their old hangout spots a few days later.

Bravo to Boulder City Council and other city officials! Now, let’s follow through on the tough talk with appropriate actions . . . “Aggressive” panhandling is already illegal, as is standing in medians to panhandle within the Boulder city limits, but apparently only verbal warnings are issued to such miscreants by police officers. I favor putting the transients who commit any of the numerous petty offenses (open containers of alcohol, marijuana use, illegal camping, fighting, stealing, etc.) which seem to be a daily part of the transient lifestyle on the RTD bus to Denver, with the advice to NOT return to our fair city. (The ACLU is utterly clueless in their mindless apologizing/enabling for bums who have no respect for themselves, no respect for others, and no respect for the broader community).

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