Max’s Journal 2/11/2014

By Max R. Weller

It’s silly, but the Daily Camera censored two comments I made following different online stories in their newspaper yesterday. ‘Boulder McDonald’s chills some with closure affecting homeless’ in which I questioned the credibility of Joy Eckstine, quoted in the article; and ‘Boulder District Attorney files nuisance suit against Longmont man’ in which I suggested that a legal precedent could be set for a similar action against Bridge House in downtown Boulder, CO.

Well, nobody is going to delete my comments here: 1) Joy Eckstine (Redstone) is an impostor, and all you really need to know about her is that she had a personal relationship with convicted rapist Jim Budd, using her position as executive director of Carriage House to promote his welfare with cash grants to the fledgling Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow founded by Mr. Budd; 2) Bridge House (formerly called Carriage House) is a transient magnet which enables the worst-behaved bums to loiter in the downtown area, including Pearl Street Mall, Boulder Creek Path/Central Park, and University Hill.

It seems to me that both Ms. Eckstine and Bridge House would do better to clean up their acts, instead of complaining to the Daily Camera about legitimate points raised by the Homeless Philosopher . . . After all, they’re motivated by $$$ and the desire to Feel Good about themselves, but I simply want to promote the truth about homelessness in our fair city (and let the chips fall where they may).

BTW, many more people around the world will read my comments here than would see such criticism on the DC website. Thus, these apologists/enablers have engineered a Pyrrhic victory for themselves.


Looks as if there may be sunshine today here in Longmont, so my camping gear can be dried out in preparation for my return to the Great Outdoors. Apparently, Br’er Fox absconded with my camp pillow, since I couldn’t find it anywhere around my campsite in north Boulder and it wasn’t with the rest of my stuff brought over to Longmont by my friend. To think that I’ve tossed out choice treats like chicken bones to this ungrateful varmint! In the past, Br’er Fox has even tried to pull off one of my socks as I was sleeping — clearly a creature with kleptomaniacal tendencies. Just look at his beady little eyes:


Vulpes vulpes

That’s all for now, folks.


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