No thanks, I’d rather be sober than in Housing First

By Max R. Weller

1492751_10152174152843695_1658027223_o1175 Lee Hill Housing First apartments, now under construction

It’s a helluva choice, ain’t it? If I want a new apartment at this facility — a collaboration between Boulder Housing Partners and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless — I need to be a chronically homeless (check), single adult (check) alcoholic/drug addict (n/a) with a dual diagnosis of mental illness (n/a).

All things considered, I’m better off sober and living outdoors most of the year.

Maybe we should start a betting pool, to pick the date when the first death of a Housing First client from alcohol-related causes occurs at this 31-unit, $6 million project. These poor souls will not be required to maintain sobriety; in fact, they’ll be allowed to continue drinking in their apartments.

What a travesty of compassion . . .


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